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Describe the plans to demolish the almshouse to make way for a road widening scheme to service the Croydon Gateway and briefly outline the arguments for and against the proposal.

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1. Introduction: Describe the plans to demolish the almshouse to make way for a road widening scheme to service the Croydon Gateway and briefly outline the arguments for and against the proposal. There are plans to demolish the almshouse for the Croydon gateway. This is the project that wants to change Croydon into having a never renewed look. It will be introducing new residential and office space in the heart of Croydon, and reinforce Croydon's role as an exceptional regional centre for business, leisure and shopping. Demolishing the Almshouse will help the project to develop because it will widen the road and create space to facility the Gateway. There are reasons for and against this view: Firstly the road needs widening because of the amount of traffic passing the area and causing congestion. Widening the road would create less road blockage. But the Almshouses are a very important historical building and part of Croydon that has existed for 400 years. Demolishing it would create a huge loss to Croydon and its History. 2. 1596 John Whitgift the Archbishop of Canterbury founded the Almshouses. He liked to stay in the Archbishops palace in Croydon, as his liking became greater he asked the queen if he could build a hospital for the elderly and a school The housing in the almshouses included two rooms for the Archbishop himself. ...read more.


The railway and transport systems have also improved and this has also had an impact on the society. The area (Croydon) is currently going through a large re-generation project, Croydon Gateway and its new vision and rare view is hoping to attract more businesses and tourists to the area. The Impact of the Croydon Gateway will be huge on traffic and infrastructure. There will be more of an increase on traffic in Croydon and more congestion and overcrowding of roads. As the Croydon gateway will be a huge regeneration of Croydon is due to make a lot of employment and there will be many cars going in and out of Croydon. This may cause a lot of excess numbers of cars. A lot of businesses are also about to invest in the Croydon gateway meaning that that will cause a greater amount of cars flowing into the Croydon borough. The road being widened will help the amount of space there is and any cause less overcrowding because there will be more space for more cars to get through. Widening the road will also help the speed of cars and there will be quicker timing for the cars to get through the road. ...read more.


The Almshouse was also built for a particular purpose: to provide the elderly with a home and accommodation, this facility would be no longer available for the elderly, and there will be a great problem where will all the Almshouse residents go? And what will happen to all the other elderly that are in need of a home and care and there is not one available? There must be some other ideas of transport that could be used e.g. tram or bus. Widening the road will only help to make space for more cars to get through but surely there are other services of transport available as the scheme says. In conclusion I would like to say that I would not give planning permission for the road widening scheme. One of the main reasons for my choice is that the Almshouse is a very important historical building and a very big part of Croydon and its history. Another major reason is that the Almshouse provides a home for the elderly and has existed for an exceedingly long time, the elderly need a home to stay in and I think that the Almshouse provides everything they need. Lastly the road is not held in as high of importance as the Almshouse. The almshouse has greater significance. Nataliya Charnetski 9a ...read more.

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