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Did Canada play a significant role in World War 2

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Did Canada play a significant role in World War II? In the late 1930's the world was on the verge of another world war. Though powerful nations were involved in the war many people knew little about Canada's large contribution to World War II and the efforts that many Canadians made. Nearly everyone helped out in this war both at Europe and at the home front, and thanks to the determination of those involved, the allies were victorious in defeating the enemies. Allied victory in World War II was in large part aided by Canadian involvement in the form of women contributing to the war effort, the British Commonwealth Air Training Program (or BCATP), and Canada's change in economy. Canada's presence in World War II had played a significant role in the victory at Europe. World War II had created opportunities for some, none more significant than that of Canadian women. The women of Canada were again given the chance to work in positions once controlled by men since World War I, whether it was working on their own farmland, in factories helping out with the war production, welders, machinists, or even bus and taxi drivers. ...read more.


Along with the contribution of women, another significant role that the Canadians helped out with the war effort was to create the BCATP (British Commonwealth Air-Training Program). The BCATP was a massive air-training program under the control of the Royal Canadian Air Force, involving Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand during the Second World War. The BCATP was held in Canada due to the good amount of supplies of fuel, wide area spaces, the lack of any threat of the Germans and industrial facilities for the production of aircraft parts and supplies. Through the BCATP many people had benefited in the war at Europe. There were 50, 000 pilots, 25, 000 navigators and 57, 000 other air crew members. Thanks to Canada's involvement with the BCATP the allies were able to win many battles including the Battle of Britain, which was fought in the airspace over British soil and helped destroy Hitler's air force which was called the Luftwaffe. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" THE CANADIAN CHALLENGE-(pg.119). ...read more.


Also, if Canada didn't help in producing these wartime products, the Depression could have continued for many more years and the economy would have done very poorly. All together Canada had put $2.5 billion towards the war effort by 1945. The money had come through the war production and by selling victory bonds. Canada's economy throughout the war was a way to get everyone involved in the war effort. All Canadians who helped out in this time of need should feel proud of themselves because without them none of this could have been possible. Canada contributed to the war in more ways than most people could ever imagine and thanks to these contributions we were able to win the war and defeat the Axis powers once and for all. Canada had emerged a different and better nation from the Second World War. More than one million people made their presence to the war effort. That's about 10% of the population fighting for liberty and freedom. Most of all, Canada had gotten out of the Depression and for the first time in history, Canada was in a position to make its presence felt in the new world order. ...read more.

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