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Did Police Work change dramatically in the 20th century?

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Did Police Work change dramatically in the 20th century? Police work before the 20th century was not as effective as it could have been. In the early modern period, from 1485 to 1750, there was no money for improvements so the old ways of working had to continue. In the industrial period, from 1750 to 1900, there was a small amount funding for the work of the Fieldings but this was only temporary. However, in the modern age, from 1900 to present day, everything changed a great deal. The work of the police has changed in every way it could. There is now constant funding for the police force, from taxes, which helps more than anything because if there is no money nothing can be paid for, bought or made leaving all the changes made, impossible. ...read more.


For one reason, his race. The police force at this time was also racist, as many police officers did not do what they could to work out what had happened to Steven. They would not go and question anyone because they claimed that ' it was too late'. Many people thought that this was stupid as if it was a white person killed by a mob of black males they would not think twice about questioning people. The community police received a lot of complaints about this and changes have been made in the police force to stop this happening again there are now lots of black police officers on the force where as before there were hardly any. ...read more.


Communication transformed as undercover cops became more common needing smaller microphones, headphones and wires as well as tracking devices. The last major change was the type of person allowed to become a police officer. Before the 20th century, only white males were allowed to become police officers. Where as now males, females, white or black people are allowed to become police officers. Anyone can join the police force as long as they have the correct qualifications needed and as long as they have a clean criminal record. Therefore, as you can see the police work did change dramatically in the 20th century. Each and every one of these changes has made the police force a better one and no one can disagree that it has changed for the better. Stephanie Meachen Page 1 10/27/2008 ...read more.

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