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Did the position of black Americans improve 1919-1941?

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Did the position of black Americans improve 1919-1941? By Shadi Paterson It is debatable whether the position of black Americans improved during the years in question. There were some improvements such as black Americans were given the vote and could get an education, but racism still continued and ghettos were still in place to segregate black and white Americans. There were many improvements for black Americans such as the "great migration". The movement from the southern states of America to the north. This was done to escape racism that existed in the south and take advantage of the greater opportunities such as better jobs. Many black Americans were able to raise a family and earn a wage that was just about decent. ...read more.


The NAACP campaigned for the rights of black Americans and UNIA promoted black culture and encouraged people to return to Africa but was not successful on their second objective as people wanted to stay in America. The membership of the KKK declined after 1925 and therefore the activity declined as a result. The Jim crow laws separated black and white people in schools meaning that the black people had the worse recourses and the worse education because 20% of the money spent on white children was deducted from the money spent on black children. This led to the vote not being won by many black Americans as they could not pass the "literacy test". Racism was still high, an example of this was the case of the Scotsboro boys, the nine Williams brothers were charged with attacking 2 white women and eight of the nine boys were sentenced to death. ...read more.


Before the decline in KKK activity the KKK was a force to be reckoned with and 70 lynchings took place in 1919 alone. I think that the position of black Americans did improve during 1919-1941 because of the improvement in health as their life expectancy rose by 8.1 years. White people started to treat black Americans more humanly and with sympathy. Black culture was improved and their view could be aired through the use of music, this gave them more freedom and the music was entertaining. This gave black Americans more respect that made getting better jobs easier. Even though I think that condition improved I can understand why some people may disagree. Racism still existed and Jim crow laws were still enforced. All in all I think the position of black Americans improved in 1919-1941. ...read more.

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