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Expalin How The Police Tried to Catch Jack the Ripper

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Question 4. 4. Study Sources F and G. Use Sources F and G and your own knowledge, to explain how the police tried to catch Jack the Ripper. Source F is a police leaflet published after the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Kate Eddows. The purpose of the leaflet is to try and catch and/or attain vital information that would lead to the discovery of the identity Jack the Ripper. ...read more.


The leaflet asks for information on anybody suspicious this could lead to a lot of false leads to whom the Ripper is. It is quite possible that the Ripper looks very ordinary and doesn't stand out in a crowd. Source G is part of a letter from the Home Secretary to the Mile End Vigilance Committee on 17th September 1888. It is my belief that is a possibility that the general public didn't like the police so they wouldn't come forward with evidence unless there was some sort of personal or monetary gain. ...read more.


'experience showed that such offers of reward tended to produce more harm than good.' The police have used many techniques to try and catch the Ripper such as the use of blood hounds to track him down. They also went undercover and dressed as prostitutes to try and lure the Ripper into trying to commit a further murder. A further tactic used was that of a door to door search of up to two thousand houses however this was limited only to Whitechapel. These actions were obviously seen to be sufficient by the Home Secretary hence the belief that a money reward was not necessary. ...read more.

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