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Explain How The Schlieffen Plan Was Meant To Work.

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Emily Grant 11M History Coursework Part 1 Explain How The Schlieffen Plan Was Meant To Work The Schlieffen Plan was written by Count Alfred von Schlieffen, and was Germany's initial approach to a war; it was meant to ensure a quick and clean victory for Germany. Germany needed to eliminate France from the war immediately because it knew that it did not have the capacity to be fighting on two fronts; Germany didn't have the strength or the troops required to fight both Russia and France at the same time. Thus, the Schlieffen Plan was formulated in order to remove France from the war, and enable Germany to then quickly transport its troops to fight Russia. ...read more.


However, she decided to put approximately 10% of her troops to invade through the Ardennes border. This was intended to act as a decoy, and the French were meant to transfer most of their troops there, leaving the Germans open to invade easily through Belgium. This was an essential part of the plan because it meant that Germany wouldn't face much resistance when invading France, and it would therefore aid the rapidity of the plan. Germany expected the Italian troops to help defend any attacks against the German border with France. Although Germany planned to use a large proportion of her troops to invade through Belgium, the Germans knew that the Belgian army was weak, and Germany didn't expect to meet any resistance from Belgium. ...read more.


Germany planned to attack west of Paris, and to have encircled Paris within six weeks. The time limit was very important, because of the fact that Germany did not want to be fighting France and Russia at the same time. Paris would then surrender and the French would make peace-another assumption on Germany's part. Germany thought that Britain would allow them to occupy the important Channel Ports of Ostend, Dunkirk, Calais etc, and wouldn't put up any resistance which could hinder the plan. Germany could then transport its troops, again using its superior railway system, to face the 'Russian steamroller'. In conclusion, the plan was meant to prevent Germany from having to fight on two fronts at once. Germany intended to invade France through neutral Belgium and force her surrender in time to face Russia. ...read more.

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