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Explain why did the Afrikaners set up and establish an Apartheid state, [in the period 1948-56]

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The word Apartheid means apartness. An Apartheid state was established in South Africa in 1948 by Prime Minister Malan who wanted a 'white South Africa'. The Apartheid state was established due to racial, religious, economical and political reasons. Such as, the Boer War, the World Wars and the National lands act of 1913. In 1652 South Africa's first white settlers came from Holland, France and Germany; they fled Europe because of religious persecution. They settled in Cape Town. By the early 1800's the British had made permanent base in the Cape, this created a need for the Boers to separate themselves from the British as they had different views on government. In 1834 the British abolished slavery, this conflicted with the Boers ideals, therefore the Boers left the cape to go inland on what is known as the Great Trek, on the Great Trek The Battle of Blood River occurred in 1838 between the Boers and the Zulus (an African tribe) 464 to 10,000 respectively, because the Boers wanted Zulu occupied land. ...read more.


The word Boer means farmer in Afrikaans. After the war the Boers were called the Afrikaners because British had burnt down their farms. The British won the war, after the war the Afrikaners were forced to speak English instead of Afrikaans this gave more reasoning behind the Afrikaners idea of segregation 'had it not been for...his extreme measures we Afrikaners would...quite happily have been speaking English by now'. The fact that the British had burnt down the Afrikaner farms meant the Afrikaners had lost their independence, they now relied on the British for their livelihood. This deepened Afrikaner nationalism and gave them a common enemy, the British had hired Black people to help them in the war, to Afrikaners being beaten by Blacks was worse then being beaten by British. The British did not want to lose Afrikaner support so they disallowed the Black vote, and in 1913 the first Native lands act was put into place. This forced hundreds of thousands of Blacks to move from the Orange Free State and the Transvaal to Bantustans, black homelands. ...read more.


The Broederband society were a secretive Afrikaner only nationalist organisation, they played a major part in implementing Apartheid policies. Verwoerd consolidated on existing ideas and policies of Apartheid when he was elected in 1958. He was known as the 'Architect of Apartheid' because of his role in shaping the regime, under Malan he was the minister of native affairs. He enhanced the Baaskap society with the 4 major acts he implemented. Apartheid was ended in 1994 by F.W. de klerk. Overall it was a combination of events and a matter of time which helped create the Apartheid state, because without each event occurring there would have been no reasoning behind the Afrikaners hatred for other races. Time allowed the Afrikaners hate to grow and create ways to segregate the races. Individuals were equally important in establishing Apartheid, Malan contributed more to Apartheid than Verwoerd, because he introduced and created many acts to maintain Apartheid. Without the individuals there would have been no one to create support for the Afrikaners ideas on segregation. The most significant event was the Boer War, without which there would be no justification for hating the British. This created greater needs to segregate. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rochelle Findley 10L Miss Wolfson 1 ...read more.

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