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Explain whythere was an attempted revolution in Russia in 1905.

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Explain why there was an attempted revolution in Russia in 1905 (8) There were lots of reasons why there was an attempted revolution in Russia in 1905. There were long-term causes, short-term causes and immediate causes. One of the long-term causes was that the peasants were very dissatisfied with their living conditions and how the land in the countryside was divided up. When the serfs (labourers who could not leave their land on which he or she worked on) were freed in the previous century by Alexander II, he did not provide any land for them. They had to buy the land. They had little rights and industrialisation in Russia was not very great. The previous serfs now had to buy the land they had been working on. They did not have enough money to pay taxes and still make a living. The peasants blamed the Tsar for not speaking for his people as the peasants felt that he was not doing anything for them Another long-term cause for the attempted revolution was that the government's polices to develop industry, led by Sergi Witte, had disastrous effects on the Russian people. ...read more.


People felt that the Tsar wasn't giving enough funding to the farmers so that they could provide food for all the new workers in the city. The overspending of the Tsars and the poor financial position of the empire was another long-term cause of the 1905 revolution. The Russian people felt that he wasn't spending wisely and felt that he could have spent more on his people. Alexander II tried to make reforms but they were not enough for the Liberals and too much for the Conservatives. Terrorists groups were formed because there were no avenues for expression in the Autocratic Russia. Groups called Nihilists formed that wanted to do away with the whole political and social system and start all over. People blamed the Tsar for the terrorists forming as they felt that it was due to the Tsar's appalling effectiveness of power. A short-term cause of the attempted 1905 revolution was the loss of the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. This caused problems within the military that caused people to believe that the military would back the revolution. ...read more.


The workers felt that this was their last hope in trying to change the way they lived their lives. However the Tsar was not in the Palace when the marchers arrived in front of gate. At the centre of the city, the marchers came across lines of armed troops who tried peacefully to disperse the crowd. Finally in the end, the army shot on the crowd. Only 75 people were reported dead but it was feared by the workers that thousands died. The industrial workers who marched felt distraught as they thought they have been led for worthless cause. They felt that they could never improve their lives unless they tried to overrule the Tsar. News of the massacre spread around the country initiating small strikes all around the country because people were devastated by what they heard and eventually peasants and workers alike tried to attempt a revolution. There were lots of reasons for the attempted Russian Revolution in 1905, but there was not one reason that solely caused it. All the reasons put together and in those circumstances would have caused a revolution to have been attempted at that time. By Andrew Riddell - 5P ...read more.

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