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Explainwhy Roosevelt introduced the New Deal.

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b. Explain why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal Roosevelt introduced the New Deal in America in 1933. It was introduced for many reasons, most of them all directly linked with the suffering that American's went through following the Wall Street Crash and the great depression it caused. In the early 1920s, America had gone through an economic boom. During the First World War, America had minimal involvement until the end. This enabled it to advance miles ahead of other countries in most industries. America was a wealthy country and most people living there were able to have luxuries such as cars and refrigerators. However, the factories started to massively over produce, they were unable to sell as many goods as they had before, and all of their produce dropped in value. They were forced to sell their shares, at lower prices. Unable to survive, factory closures started to increase. This caused unemployment, poverty and effects on other parts of America. The depression caused a number of negative effects on the economy. ...read more.


Most Americans had jobs and many were rich enough to buy luxuries such as cars, radios and refrigerators. Hoovers main political belief was that the American government should not interfere with people's lives. He said that America had become rich because the people had worked hard and made money through their own efforts. This he christened as 'the American style of rugged individualism.' After his election Hoover believed that all Americans would soon be wealthy enough to own luxuries. When the depression hit America in 1929, he believed it would only last a few months, and life would soon return to normal. Hoover continually said that 'prosperity is just around the corner', he was reluctant to provide any help or support for his people, and he believed they could work their problems out for themselves. This was no help for the American people, because since the Wall Street crash, the entire American Industry was in disarray. ...read more.


The farmers, being the first people to be affected by the depression were in a bad situation. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) was set up to give them money if they agreed to reduce their crop production. It also loaned them money to improve their land and to prevent them from getting evicted from their homes. The New Deal was also invented by Roosevelt to challenge the previous policies of Herbert Hoover. Hoover's laws did not govern the country successfully, and Roosevelt knew that if he proposed laws and concepts that contrasted to Hoover's, he would have a better chance of winning the election. In conclusion, I feel that this idea was why Franklin Roosevelt presented the New Deal. He was aware of the awful state America was in and he knew it was what the American people wanted so if he could give it to them, he would. The New Deal gave the public confidence in the new government whilst recovering the country socially and economically. ...read more.

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