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France for Tourists

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English Reading Coursework Word Count : 1055 France for Tourists (Final Draft) Aneurin Emanuel 12 E France for Tourists What can we say about France that has not been said more than a hundred times before? When we talk about what France means to us, we can only speak for ourselves in describing our individual experiences and opinions of this country. When you depart from a country of France's calibre to return home, you miss the unique flavours of the village markets, the culinary skills of French chefs, the scents on the air and the pride in the professional service in the caf�s and restaurants. A country with a suspected lower standard of living than ours provides a much higher quality of service in all aspects of its trade. Many people living outside of France would be surprised at how people in parts of France share our opinions on matters such as the crazy and undesirable driving skills of those who live in the cities, and whom we have all experienced. ...read more.


The English Channel can be just as good for surfing but mainly provides more rural towns and docks situated right on the coast for perfect views while enjoying a meal. Altogether more than 35 million people enjoy France's beaches every year. France is also renowned for its vast mountain ranges including the Northern and Southern Alps, the Vosgues, the Pyrenees, Massif Central and the Jura. Each mountain range has its own unique environment, and the possibilities for exploration are endless. The Northern Alps or the Rhone-Alps is home to the largest specialist skiing are in the world. The Vosgues mountain range is surrounded by breathtaking scenery consisting of lakes and pinewoods. A winter break in the Vosgues is also the perfect opportunity to find out about all the local living traditions in visiting nearby restaurants with extraordinary cuisine. France and in particular the Alps is home to Western Europe's highest point, Mont Blanc. This powerful mountain is one of France's main tourist attractions and is well worth a visit for those who are keen hikers or extreme skiers. ...read more.


It is hard to generalize about France, yet there is something about this magnificent country which brings back millions of Francophiles year after year for that taste of "la vie francaise". Could it be the glittering ski slopes of the Alps, the chic boulevards of Paris, a dusty mid-afternoon game of boules, its endless stunning coastlines, sun-lit vineyards or a coffee and croissants in an undiscovered village? Or perhaps it's a tour of the majestic monumental chateauxs such as the Loire, the glamorous lifestyle of the Mediterranean, or a relaxing picnic in Provence? However, consider also the delights of the other lesser-known regions such as Gascony or Franche-Comte in the green heart of France, such sleepy villages offer visitors a chance to sample the true "douceur de vivre" or "softness to live", of Provincial France. France has an exquisite and exuberant history. The French gave the world champagne and camembert, de Beauvoir and Debussy, The Tour De France and the Tour Eiffel. There's a French term that goes, "Douce France" or "Sweet France" that sums up the seductive lifestyle of an incredible nation in a majestic country. ...read more.

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