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Has the Good Friday agreement meant that Northern Irelands problems are over?

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Has the Good Friday agreement meant that Northern Irelands problems are over? The Good Friday agreement was signed in April 1998, its aims were to reduce conflict in Northern Ireland and bring back peace. One of the most important parts of this agreement was a Power Sharing Assembly. This was devolution of power to Northern Ireland, which began on December 2nd 1999. They elected 108 members by Proportional Representation. This means that the amount of members from each political party will be in proportion to how many votes that party received. This was important because before this, votes were gerrymandered so Protestants were always in the majority, whereas now, both Protestants and Catholics had equal rights for voting. ...read more.


The IRA apologised to the families for the loss of loved ones during violence. This was a major breakthrough although they refused to hand over their weapons. There have been some other positive developments since 1998 the L.V.F started to hand over weapons to be destroyed, and the IRA haven't said they won't decommission. Since 1998 there has been a decline in paramilitary activity. The release of paramilitary prisoners did cause some objection, but without release it would be hard for peace to last. Unfortunately there has been some negative development since 1998. A recent opinion poll showed that only 55%of the population would vote for the Good Friday agreement this time round. ...read more.


Sinn Fein claims to have no connection with the IRA but this statement has its doubts. Orange Marches still continue to cause dispute. Many have been killed or injured when such marches get out of hand. The Orangemen claim that they are celebrating the past, but they insist on walking down Garvaghy Road, which is mainly a catholic area. In conclusion, I would say that the Good Friday agreement has had many positive effects, and I believe that the setbacks are due to a number of parties and people being too stubborn. I think that the agreement does not mean that Northern Irelands problems are over, but with a bit more compromising and discussions I believe in a few years there will be peace once again. By Jemma Fairburn 11GA ...read more.

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