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Henry FOrd

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Was Henry Ford the driving force behind the roaring twenties in the USA? In this essay I am going to show you how Henry Ford was the driving force behind the 1920's; furthermore I am going to show you other competitors and work out what effect they had in the 1920's and in 2008. Firstly there was Electrification, as America was getting more popular, people couldn't live without the Radio. Without the Radio, by 1930 40% of all homes in the USA owned one. The radio gave people the chance to access new music and dance. It enabled them to get on with housework and not miss out on sport matches. It helped created opportunities for people to advertise themselves, with proved beneficial finically to their companies. It was very important because if people didn't have a radio, they would be looked down on; it was like a new trend, everyone has to have one. Things like going to the cinema or funfair couldn't happen without Electrification. These were meant a lot to people, as they were a way to unwind after a hard day at work. It the Cinema wasn't around people Famous faces such as Laurel and Hardy wouldn't have existed. Also things like streetlights could be put on, this meant people could drive around at night. ...read more.


Advertising gets inside you head; makes you want things you don't need. This helped America in the 1920's far more people were investing in luxuries. Immigrants where the second leading force for the roaring twenties because they enabled mass amounts of products to be made. Which in the long-term created a vast amount of money. Immigrants were highly welcome, because not many people where actually American. People in your neighbour hood where just like you, here to get a better life for your self; better money, accommodation, rights and opportunities. They where prepared to do any job as long as it meant they where allowed to stay here. They obviously need shelter and food; so that would be more money towards the American economy. They were helping each other, spending money in each other's shops, staying in each other hotels. Immigrants obviously created a larger population this meant there were more ideas of how to improve the country and better inventions. People bought new skills with them; if the worked in silk factories in England. They would be able to open one in America because they had pre-trained staff that knew what worked. America had lots of land to fill, it was cheap and the quicker they got rid of it, the faster they could money on it. ...read more.


They also promised Safety, which meant they enabled immigrants to see a doctor ect; Whereas before in there local communities they might have not been able to afford one. They gave people freedom, the chance to make there own decisions, not be ruled over as much by a higher person. This encouraged immigrants, they realised the benefit and more opportunities. They were allowed to do so much more such as the women where being treated more equally didn't have to wear foot length skirts, they could have more fun. Obviously because of the thousands more immigrants, they received more money; this made the US Constitution create a force behind the roaring 1920's!! Confidence within the Americans was sky high, after the sudden increase of all things positive. The citizens were happy in the development of their country. This meant a positive attitude towards work; they worked harder and for longer because they knew there were getting stuff back. They felt confident to buy goods, try new products, new styles of clothing and food; attempt to set new fashions or just copy. They bought shares in companies, to try and keep earning more money without doing anything. They did this to supplement there mass spending, but after the war many lost more than they got. Confidence can mean that you do something so much better, this is what the Americans had, and this helped them to achieve great success. New materials?? New inventions?? Henry Ford - compare to others?? 1 ...read more.

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