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history coursework 2 - jews

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"From a study of Britain's history it is possible to question the widespread vision of Britain as a country characterised by a spirit of toleration " From your studies how far do you agree that Britain has been a tolerant nation? Throughout the period 1880 to the present day there has been many questions asked as to whether Britain has been a tolerant nation. In this essay I am going to discuss many groups of immigrants who have migrated over to Britain and decide whether Britain actually has been tolerant or not. The first group of immigrants I am going to talk about is the Jews (sources A and B) that migrated to Britain in-between the periods 1880 to the present day. There was around 150,000 Jews that set off from Russia to come to Britain, with the majority heading for the larger cities such as London, Manchester and Leeds. There became a massive case of overcrowding in these cities. At first the British people seemed to like the Jews as they were only taking up any spare jobs or houses and not really causing any harm to anyone, but as time went on and as more Jews started to pile into the country, Britain then became less and less tolerant of the Jews and started to charge many Jews high rents, also racism then started on the streets this led to Jews having to live in overcrowded places where there was atrocious public health. ...read more.


The polish men did actually have a chance to go back to Poland after the war but with their new life in Britain and with Poland now being a communist country many never got round to doing this. The next flow of immigrants I am going to talk about a massive group of Caribbean's coming over after WW2 on a boat called The Empire Windrush. When they arrived they realised the so called mother country was not what it actually lived up to be. They were surprised by the level of dirt, smoke, but most of all they couldn't get to grips with the cold weather compared with the Caribbean. When the Caribbean's had arrived around the period 1948 they realised that since the war the British public's attitude towards other colonies had changed drastically. They realised how the British public had suddenly gone more aggressive to people from different colonies. In short they were trying to say that the Caribbean's should get back to their own country. Many people from the Caribbean said at the point in time, you could split the British public into thirds. The first third being those who still had imperialistic ideas and thought people from other colonies should be planting bananas and making chocolate, the next third did not really care just as long as Arsenal had won on the Saturday and the final third were just ordinary kind hearted people. ...read more.


Britain were again intolerant in the last incident I am going to talk about, in which a racial murder took place on the 22nd of April 1993 to an 18 year old boy called Stephen Lawrence. It was a racist murder, were 6 white youths attacked a defenceless Stephen they shouted to him "What, What nigger" before violently beating and stabbing him to death. The police who were still intolerant and racist to black people at this time, decided not to follow up any inquires made and quite frankly they couldn't be bothered to find Stephens's killer. They even made up a stupid story saying that Stephen had had a fight with his friend Mr Brooks and that had led to his death, they tried to make people believe this story even though there were many witnesses who said otherwise. This showed that racism was far from finished in Britain because to be honest this would have never happened if Stephen had been Black. So after looking through many racial moments in Britain since the 1880s I have come to a conclusion that Britain has not been a tolerant nation over time and they have quite frankly been very racist. Giving Britain a bit of sympathy they have had to put up with many immigrants but there is no excuse for the lack of effort Britain has made with these people and the lack of decency they still have for immigrants nowadays. ...read more.

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