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Hollywood in the 1920s

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Hollywood in the 1920s The American film industry, based mainly in and around Hollywood today, has had a huge effect on the world?s cinema since the first film was produced there on 10 March 1910. It has produced the most commercially successful movies in the world, such as Gone with the Wind (1939) and, 70 years later, Avatar (2009). Today, the Hollywood-based American film industry is the third most prolific film producer in the world, after India and Nigeria (both of these have had massive influence from Hollywood. For example, the industries are nicknamed Bollywood and Nollywood respectively). Today, Hollywood is most importantly the cultural capital of film making, with Hollywood being well known not just in the USA, but also in Europe, Asia and Africa. But what has made this collection of film studios so successful? As mentioned, the first film produced inside Hollywood was made on 10 March 1910. ...read more.


In 1911, 15 film companies located studios here, and this trend continued. The first feature film, being a film that is the main attraction of a theatre audience rather than a short film shown before it (this was common at the time), made by a Hollywood studio was during 1914. The film, ?The Squaw Man?, was filmed at various locations around the town. In 1917, The Charlie Chaplin Studios were built in Hollywood, and since his death the studio has been producing several television series in Hollywood. By 1911, the Los Angeles area was the second best film making area after New York, and by 1915, it was the centre of American film making. Also, Hollywood had changed the industry, as before this time, most films had been made by foreign organisations, but by the end of this decade, the American cinemas were dominated by Hollywood produced films. ...read more.


Also, in 1923, the famous Hollywood sign was erected as an advertisement for a housing development ?Hollywood Town?. Also in that year, perhaps the best known Hollywood studio, the Walt Disney Studio, was founded. The sign was left to deteriorate until the body in control of Hollywood?s Commercial Aspect offered to remove the last four letters and restore the sign in 1949. The first Academy Awards (or Oscars) ceremony was held in Hollywood on May 16, 1929. Since the end of this period, the town had become world famous and had begun attracting millions of tourist every year to visit the famous Walk of Fame on what is now Hollywood Boulevard, the street on which the first studio was built. The studios have become a centre for actors and film-making across the world. The most famous movies and television programmes in the USA are made there, and the top 2 highest grossing films in history were made there. Sources http://www.hollywoodusa.co.uk/hollywood.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinema_of_the_United_States http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood ...read more.

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