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How did the work of Bletchley Park influence the outcome of the second world war?

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Matthew Smithies 10M Bletchley Park Question 3: DRAFT 1 In What Way Did the Work of Bletchley Park Influence the Outcome of the Second World War? The outcome of the Second World War was in victorious in the Allies favour. There were multiple reasons for this, mainly: The work of Bletchley Park, mistakes that the German forces made and the help of individuals such as Alan Turing, Marian Rejewski and John Herivel. The Battle of the Atlantic was a naval battle between Germany and Britain. The German U-Boats hunted in 'wolf-packs' for Allied Vessels. The battle reduced the ability for the Allies to receive resources form the Empire and the US. By 1940, 1000 Allied ships were destroyed by the Germans, which included one quarter of the British merchant fleet. By the end of 1941, another 1300 ships were destroyed. 1942 saw yet another 1661 Allied ships destroyed by the Germans leaving the number of Allied casualties at over 50 000 merchant seamen in this one battle alone. By 1943, the Allies were having serious talks about withdrawing form the war. ...read more.


The Battle of North Africa was basically just a battle for oil. The Germans were attacking the Allied forces and were fairly successful until 1941 where the Allies gained the upper hand. They forced the Italian forces and the Afrika Corps back and the RAF and Navy were steadily sinking supply ships which halted the Axis' supplies for almost two months. In December 1942, the German strength rose in North Africa with the arrival or U-Boats and the Luftwaffe to assist fighting. Bletchley Park was able to supply the Allies with limited battle plans but they weren't nearly detailed enough and were quickly outdated due to Rommel constantly changing German tactics. Between January and June of 1942, the Germans cracked the US codes that were sent to Egypt. Bletchley Park was also taking up to a week to crack the 'Chaffinch' the Afrika Corps' enigma which gave the Axis the time to push the Allies back. However, by the end of May 1942, the Allies had their breakthrough. 'Chaffinch' ciphers were being broken daily, 2 other German Army codes had been broken and the Allies had full access to the Luftwaffe codes. ...read more.


Although Bletchley Park didn't create total victory, it aided the Allies greatly and helped the war end much sooner than it was going to. Bletchley Park's was not also taken on board. There were some instances where warnings given by Bletchley Park were plainly ignored; for example, the HMS Glorious on 1940. There was a build-up of messages being sent by the Germans which gave Bletchley Park the impression that something was going to happen soon. The OIC was warned to tell the home fleet of messages suggesting that German warships were about to sail to the Atlantic. The message was ignored because Bletchley Park were acting on a hunch and the OIC didn't want to look stupid by moving their ships for no apparent reason. The HMS Glorious and its two escorts, the HMS Acasta and the HMS Ardent were completely destroyed on their return from Norway and 1500 men were lost. This shows that although Bletchley Park's work was very important to the outcome of the war, there were other reasons for the Allied victory. ...read more.

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