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How does source I prove that Goering was telling the truth in source H?

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How does source I prove that Goering was telling the truth in source H? Source H is Goering's account of a conversation with Hitler regarding Kristallnacht. In this account Goering claims that Goebbels planned Kristallnacht, continuing he implies that Hitler was against Kristallnacht. Goering claims that he himself disapproved of the event due to materialistic reasons saying "it is not acceptable that he upset my difficult economic tasks" this seems a plausible reason for Goering to show contempt for Kristallnacht. Goering defends Hitler's integrity "Hitler made some apologies" suggesting Hitler knew that Goebbels had planned it and felt some guilt for his associate's acts however Goering continues and distances Hitler from the event by saying "on the whole he agreed that such events should not take place" thus directing all of the blame on to Goebbels. ...read more.


Goering's account was taken whilst he was on trial for war crimes, this results in a higher probability that Goering would fabricate his responses to make it look like he was innocent therefore a lot of what he says is unlikely to be truthful; most of the people involved with Kristallnacht were dead so nothing could be contradicted by any of his associates; this was extremely advantageous to Goering. Source I disagrees with my own knowledge of Kristallnacht and the numerous more reliable sources such as A, C and E which suggest that the Nazis carried out the attacks. Frau Troost was interviewed many years after her conversation with Hitler so it seems implausible that she would remember everything about the conversation unless she had written it down. ...read more.


It seems likely that he would also lie about whether or not he knew who was responsible for Kristallnacht and indeed if he was annoyed about it. I have come to the conclusion that source I doesn't prove that Goering's account is truthful as there are some discrepancies between the sources for instance Hitler knew who was responsible for Kristallnacht in source H where as in source I Hitler seems unbeknownst to this fact. Also source H seems more reliable as it corresponds with my own knowledge of Kristallnacht although obviously there will be some equivocation as he was on trial at the time. Although source I does not prove that Source H is truthful I think that it does go so far as making it more plausible that Hitler had a negative reaction towards Kristallnacht. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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