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How far was Roosevelt’s victory at the 1932 elections down to him and his ideas?

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HISTORY COURSEWORK Assignment 2 How far was Roosevelt's victory at the 1932 elections down to him and his ideas? When Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the 1932 election for the Presidency, it was partly due to his fresh ideas and impressive policies, and also down to other factors, At the time the American people were in need of a change. The current President, Hoover, had failed to impress the people and could not control the 'Great Depression' that swept across America after the 'Wall Street Crash' of 1929. ...read more.


Hoover had no policies to didn't do anything to try and increase the number of jobs available and was not willing to spend any money to help the economy's terrible state. This added to the bitter feelings that the American people felt towards Hoover and made Roosevelt's election campaign seem very impressive. But there was still further more hatred towards Hoover when he used force against the 'Bonus Marchers', his own people who had fought for America in the War. ...read more.


Hoover was also very unpopular with black people due to racial attacks on black people made by the Klu Klux Klan going unpunished. Roosevelt's victory may have been helped by the hatred of Hoover but he also offered good and new prospects which people may have preferred anyway. For example, he promised an active Government, which was willing to spend money and get involved to help improve the economy and American people's lives. Roosevelt had a big campaign where he managed to meet a lot of people individually and win over plenty of support. It showed the people of America that he cared about them. ...read more.

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