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How successful was Roosevelt in solving the problems facing the USA in the 1930’’s?

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COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT B: ROOSEVELT AND THE NEW DEAL BY SHOAIB KHAN 5 AMR How successful was Roosevelt in solving the problems facing the USA in the 1930''s? During the 1928 elections America was at the core of its boom and the Republican candidate Herbert Hoover was facing the Democratic Al Smith. The Republicans had been in power during the boom and were seen as the people who had made it happen. Al Smith was a "wet" (anti-prohibitionist) and a young city boy as opposed to Hoover who was much older and a dry" (pro-prohibition). Inevitably Hoover clinched a landslide victory and put the Republicans in power for a second term. However on October 24, 1929 ("Black Thursday") prices in the New York Stock Exchange fell by astonishing amounts. This led to the market collapsing five days later. Many investors tried to sell what shares they could in order to retrieve some of their money but the markets were valueless. The instant collapse was bought about by an unconfirmed speculation that there were problems in the financial sector. Many investors who had borrowed heavily from banks to invest and take advantage of the booming stock market had lost all and were unable to repay and debts. ...read more.


During the height of the depression the campaigning for the 1932 elections began. People had lost hope and homeless, jobless, poverty and other statistics were at their all time highest. Roosevelt addressed the public during his campaign speeches and managed to gain their support by using his ever famous sentence of "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a New Deal for the American people". This led Roosevelt to a landslide win in 1932 and he came into power in 1933. Roosevelt began to introduce his emergency measures, which included the Emergency-Banking Act, which reopened the banks that had suitable means of funding and properly managed accounts. Theses were opened after America's bank holiday and consequently people began to trust the banks more and deposit their savings. Roosevelt then introduced the Economy Act, which cut the salary of government workers by 15% and the budgets of government departments by 25%. This saved nearly a billion dollars, which could be spent on other uses. Roosevelt also passed the Beer Act, ended prohibition. This allowed the government to benefit form taxes and many people were now happier. It also reduced crime rates as the majority were due to rival gangs competing over turfs. ...read more.


They would receive some pocket money and have $25 sent back home to their parents. This seemed to be a success as there were no complaints. The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was a scheme set to make the area safer. Ti was prone to flooding and many of these problems caused a lack of farm produce. In turn the TVA built dams, lakes, transport routes and other efforts to restore the area to prosperity. It worked, as the workers no longer faced poverty and then by 1940 the Tennessee valley district was prosperous again. The NRA (National Industry Recovery Act) was an attempt to save the industry of America. This asked factories to sign an agreement, which stated it would pay a minimum wage, not use child labour etc. the companies who signed would benefit from a blue eagle, which would boost their records. However, later companies like Ford refused o sign due to the threat of unionising and therefore the workers turned against them. This resulted in long strikes and problems. Within a year it was abolished. In conclusion the majority of Roosevelt's ideas were good but they soon ran into problems. He was also face by an opposition who wanted to find such mistakes. In my opinion he did a good job of improving the country but certain oppositions have to pose problems. ...read more.

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