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How Successful was the New Deal?

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How Successful was the New Deal? In 1932 the citizens of the USA were eager to see Herbert Hoover out of office. From the start of The Wall Street crash (1929), President Hoover had done next to nothing to try and counter the Depression following. He and the republicans argued that Economy went in cycles of "bust" and "boom". He kept insisting, "Prosperity is just around the corner." This gave the Democratic Party, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a great chance to attack the Republicans and their policies. "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a New Deal for the American people.." -An extract from Roosevelt's pre-election speech in 1932. Roosevelt promised. from his speeches, a new deal for the American people. It was clear that F.D.R planned to use the power of the US government to attempt to pull America out of depression and back into prosperity. His main aims were as follows: * -Getting Americans working again (cutting down on unemployment!) * -Protecting American's savings and property * -Providing relief for the sick, old and unemployed * -Getting American industry and agriculture running again (and doing well!) ...read more.


Huey Long was soon to be assassinated as a result of the many assassinations that shadowed the 'Share Our Wealth' scheme. Overall, the attempt to help the people was a success! Blacks were benefiting from the new deal agencies too! 200,000 blacks (approx. figure) gained benefits from the CCC, amongst other agencies. Many blacks benefited from New Deal slum clearance and housing projects. Also concerning blacks, to do with Roosevelt's New Deal, was the failure to pass laws against lynching black Americans - F.D.R feared that Democrat senators in the southern states would not support him. All in all, Blacks were still discriminated against and were not equal to regular Americans. Women were not targeted by the alphabet agencies as much as men. E.g. there were only about 8000 women in the CCC. Some women achieved prominent positions - e.g. Eleanor Roosevelt became an important campaigner on social issues. Frances Perkins was the secretary of Labour. She removed 59 corrupt officials from the labour department and was a key figure in helping the second new deal to practically work. Eleanor Roosevelt was able to campaign for women's rights with her new powerful position. ...read more.


There were extreme measures taken to make sure there was no corruption and also the government became slightly more tolerant (government not American society!). The New deal did, however, divide the USA, mainly because of the intolerance, particularly towards communism. The New Deal also undermined local government. Overall, the New Deal did more good than bad. The situation ended up better than it would have if Herbert Hoover were president re-elect. Roosevelt took action from day one of office - a very sincere attempt to drag America back into prosperous times! It did not do as well as it was hoped to do, but it certainly was not a failure. The most important thing was that it stopped the problems and the situation Hoover left behind, from getting worse. Some aspects were successes; others were as well, but not as well as they had been intended to do. Franklin Delano Roosevelt certainly did a good job of "holding ground." When the war broke out, America had found its ticket back to prosperity (even if it was not because of F.D.R himself), but if F.D.R had not stopped the situation from becoming worse, America may not have been in a position to join the war (with comfort and confidence), let alone prosper from it! ...read more.

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