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How Useful Are Sources D and E In Helping Us Understand Why Some Black Americans Rejected The Methods Of Martin Luther King?

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Civil Rights Question 3 How Useful Are Sources D and E In Helping Us Understand Why Some Black Americans Rejected The Methods Of Martin Luther King? Source D is from an article which Martin Luther King wrote for the magazine 'Liberation' in 1959 telling the people about the consequences of the different ways in which a 'negro' uses violence. Source E is an extract of Malcolm X's autobiography which was released in 1970. In this extract Malcolm X is expressing his views of the white people, especially the 'so called "good white people"' as he describes them. Although Martin Luther King and Malcolm X wanted the same thing, freedom for the black people of America, they both had different ways of trying to get it. Martin Luther King believed in non-violent protests, which is also shown in source D, whereas Malcolm X believed in using violence to get the black persons freedom but this isn't mentioned in source E. Martin Luther King believed that the way to get people to join and forget their differences was to break into the 'hearts and mind of the white people, not to break their bodies.' ...read more.


not believe that any white people were good or were willing to welcome as he thought they 'weren't considered to be part of them' referring to the white people. Malcolm X believed that white and black people will always be enemies and he also referred to whites as "devils" who had been created in a misguided breeding program by a black scientist, and predicted the inevitable (and imminent) return of blacks to their natural place at the top of the social order in some of his speeches clearly showing his hatred towards white people. Malcolm X also believed that violence could not be avoided and so encouraged people to use violence against others because the whites used violence against them (the KKK). He also encouraged people to carry guns and other weapons with them incase they were attacked and to also take control of their own communities. Some people might have followed Malcolm X as his way provided an outlet for black Americans anger towards the white people and the society that they lived in. So through comparing the ideals and lives of both these influential men, we can see that they both have a same idea but methods and desires for change were different in a great number of ways. ...read more.


'It has always been the case with white people that even though we might be with them, we weren't considered to be part of them.' Source E shows one possible reason why they're angry and start to turn away from Martin Luther King because 'even though we might be with them, we weren't considered to be part of them.' And this kind of message from Malcolm X was more became more appealing to them as opposed to Martin Luther King's slower methods. Both of these sources do not mention other reasons as to why people might have been moving away from Martin Luther King to Malcolm X. A lot of the people that were moving away or who were rejecting Martin Luther King's idea's or methods were either from the North or young Black Americans and did not know his methods or only knew about his failures rather than his successes. There were also other factors such as the Vietnam War which were very important reasons why people not only rejected the methods of Martin Luther King but also felt anger towards those in the White House. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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