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How was the Schlieffen plan meant to work?

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How was the Schlieffen plan meant to work? The Schlieffen plan was first acknowledged by Alfred Schlieffen in 1905. He had made it for a back up system so Germany would know what they would do if they had a war with France and Russia. But it was made to avoid the war on the two fronts and was supposed to wipe France out of the war. In the following year, 1906, the plan had changed. When 1914 came around the war had started and German general Moltke decided to put the plan in action. ...read more.


The Schlieffen plan was planned to work in six weeks defeating France and the other 10% of German troops would be there to defend the eastern border from the Russians. However Russia's army only took 10 days to get ready and Moltke had to withdraw 100,000 troops. So then Germany did not take the chance to take Paris because they decided to attach the east of the capital. On the way they were met by the French at battle of the Marne which halted the German advance. The long-term causes of the Schlieffen plan started back in 1870 in the Franco-Prussian War. ...read more.


Overall what started the whole war and gave Alfred Schlieffen the idea of the Schlieffen plan was all because Franco-Prussian because Germany had to share Alsace Lorraine with them as they battled it out in the past so in 1870 and Germany wanted a back-up plan so they would not have to share any land they had possessed over the work as a team. Earlier on before the war the Germans had defeated France and they took the French regions of Alsace Lorraine and the French wanted revenge and they wanted Alsace Lorraine back. At this time Germany felt encircled because they were surrounded in enemies and they found out that Great Britain thought that they were becoming too powerful. ...read more.

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