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I agree to some extent that the lives of blacks improved since the 1950's. I will study the sources to see if they prove that life has got better for blacks.

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History coursework part 5 I agree to some extent that the lives of blacks improved since the 1950's. I will study the sources to see if they prove that life has got better for blacks. Source G gives an outline of anti-discrimination laws imposed since the 1950's. In 1964 source G states that the civil rights act outlawed discrimination of a racial nature in everyday life like employment and schools. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was set up to investigate complaints. This shows that the government was taking a stand against discrimination. The voting rights act and the Civil Rights Act also show that politicians were taking an interest in these matters. ...read more.


These statistics appear to show improvement for black people. Source J tells us that there are black elite of people such as actors, doctors, lawyers... who enjoy a lifestyle similar to that of the white middle class, which also appears to show improvement. Source G also states that black actors have had their films built around their personalities, which shows the black way of life was gaining respect as well as the race as a whole. Source K is the story of the black riots in Los Angeles in the early nineties. The fact that the policemen were brought to trial shows improvement in the black way of life, as before the sixties it would have been highly unlikely that it would have gone to trial. ...read more.


But we can not tell because there is nothing to say this a result of blacks feeling more confident or if discrimination has become more frequent. Source J is only based on opinion and we cannot generalise from this that things have got better or worse. But alot of what is stated is very negative and suggests that things have not moved forward, but in some cases backwards. Source K is one event. It could be just a freak rarity and white policemen in the area could think highly of blacks. We cannot pass judgement from this one occurrence that life was bad for blacks everywhere. These sources give us an incite into what life was like for blacks from the 1950's but 5 sources cannot prove that life got better or worse. ...read more.

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