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"I'm going to be the perfect champion-like the young Joe Louis. I'm clean living; I haven't got a prison record. I think you got to be an idol for young people" Ali 1963. Did Muhammad Ali actually achieve this quote?

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BY AUSTIN HARPER LEE9 "I'm going to be the perfect champion-like the young Joe Louis. I'm clean living; I haven't got a prison record. I think you got to be an idol for young people" Ali 1963. Did Muhammad Ali actually achieve this quote? It has been said that there are few opportunities in life to prove yourself a man; Muhammad Ali took advantage of every one that came his way, in doing so became loved by not only his countrymen, but also the world, and became immortal in his own time. In this essay I will discuss about if this boxing great really did cause a stir among the people of the world, what factors helped him, his moral and religious beliefs and did he really achieve what he set out to do in the quote above. It all started on an October afternoon in 1954 when Cassius Marcellus Clay was 12. He left his $60 red Schwinn outside the Columbia Auditorium to visit a bazaar. When he and his friends returned he realized that his new bike had been stolen. Cassius was in a tearing rage and someone told Clay that there was a police officer in the basement of a boxing gym. He went in demanding a statewide bike hunt and threatening to beat the hell out of whoever had stolen it. The officer Joe Martin asked Cassius if he could fight, and Cassius said no, so Martin invited him to come to the gym and learn how to box, so when the time came he could get pay back on the bicycle thief. ...read more.


Foreman kept advancing, but his blows were much less effective and near the end of the eighth, Ali's right hand finally sent the exhausted Foreman to the floor. As a result of this fight, he was awarded the 1974 Hickok Belt as top professional athlete of the year and Sports Illustrated magazine's "Sportsman of the Year" award. Ali had yet again become the champ he always had been and had really become to realise that he was also a people's champ. After the "The Rumble In The Jungle" Ali fought a few more battles however his health was deteriorating and his last few battles saw more losses than wins. Ali set the record for being the heavyweight champ three times. Ali retired permanently in 1981 with a career record of 56 wins, 37 by knockout, against 5 losses. "I ain't got no quarrel with them Vietcong...no Vietcong ever called me a nigger." With these words in 1966 Muhammed Ali announced his intention to refuse induction into the U.S. army as a conscientious objector. This set off a five year battle that would strip him of his world Heavyweigth title, bar him from boxing, and nearly send him to prison - all at the peak of his career as the greatest boxer in history. But this was his toughest fight yet. It probably all started when Ali threw his beloved olympic gold medal (which he slept with and always wore) ...read more.


Ali certainly was a champion in all areas. He is almost unquestionably the best boxer of the twentieth century that ever lived with his unorthodox style, which was incredibly affective, his tireless self-promotion and spectacular results, Ali must have been pretty amazing to win the world heavyweight title three times and a career record of 56 wins, 37 by knockout, against 5 losses. So really he was the perfect champ like the young Joe Louis even though some people said he should be more like Joe Louis, but then no one is perfect. Maybe boxing isn't the best sport to be in if you want to be an idol for young children but Ali was certainly a great idol for young children, not only because he was the champ, but because of what he did for black people, showed them the way forward and not to be afraid of anything that may stop them, just like he had in his court case and civil rights struggle. If Ali had not achievd his quote by going to jail as he so nearly did, then he certainly wouldn't have been an idol for young children, but his determanation, pride and support from family, friends and followers helped him pull through Ali was also a people's champ. Ali was certainly the greatest boxer of the twentieth century who desevres to be remembered as the champ, he was also a charming and courageous man, who despite illness and rejection has earned the respect of millions of people around the world. Sources Muhammad Ali's greatest fight by H Bingham and M Wallace Boxing Greats By Steve Bunce "Ali" the film. ...read more.

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