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In 1932 America was suffering from a terrible economic depression.

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THE USA, 1919-1941 ASSIGNMENT 2: ASSESMENT OBJECTIVES 2 & 3 WAS THE NEW DEAL A SUCCESS? In 1932 America was suffering from a terrible economic depression. President Hoover did not believe in government interfering with industry or business and little was done about to help the unemployed and the increasing numbers of the poor. In the 1932 election for president, Hoover lost to Franklin Roosevelt, the democratic candidate. During the election campaign Roosevelt had promised the American people a "new deal". Roosevelt's government created jobs through public works schemes and the poor were given help. Never before had the government played such an important part in the economy. Historians disagree over the effectiveness of the new deal. Some see it as a great success, others as a dangerous failure. 1. Study source A. Use source A and your own knowledge of the period to explain why people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election. (5) Source A was one of Roosevelt's speeches during the election of 1932.Roosevelt here was asking America not only just to vote him but to help him bring America out of the depression. Roosevelt was being supported by the American people because he had said to bring about not only ending the depression but promised to bring out a new deal that would help America, and lower the unemployment this if elected would be; "The promise of a New deal." This also made the American people believe he could do it but he made the American people think that the depression would end this was also looking hopeful for the American people and this got Roosevelt elected. ...read more.


The cartoon shows Roosevelt shaking the forgotten people's hand and underneath it quotes: "YES, YOU REMEMBERED ME." This shows Roosevelt trying to think of everyone in America not only the wealthy. Source I if for Roosevelt and also was published in 1933. This shows Roosevelt leading America too congress as it is "NEW LEADERSHIP" this is because hopes are high for Roosevelt to get them out of the depression and America at this stage was desperate. Here there are more wanting to get Roosevelt in to power and get them out of the depression and as it seems all America wants is new leadership and Roosevelt is the one to come in to power as the American people have their hopes up. The only people who do not want this to happen are the rich as they feel Roosevelt betrayed him as he was once one of the rich and they then looked down on him as he used their taxes to help the rest of America this is shown in source G. 7. Study sources J and K Why do you think these two people disagree about the New Deal? Explain your answer. (5) These two people disagree as one is a rich man (S.B fuller) and had his own business where as the other was an ordinary, everyday working woman and was Roosevelt's secretary for the new deal government(Frances Perkins). Frances was apart of the new deal and helped to get the new deal going. ...read more.


Source H shows Roosevelt helping the little people who were forgotten, Roosevelt is shaking the "forgotten people's" hand. This is showing that Roosevelt helps everyone and not just certain people. Source I is showing Roosevelt pulling a cart to "emergency legislation" in the cart there is congress. This source is showing that new leadership could get America out of the depression. The next 4 sources are pieces of text. K and L are for Roosevelt. Source K was by Francis Perkins, Roosevelt's secretary for the new deal and she was behind helping the new deal. Therefore Francis was for the new deal. Source L was a letter written in to Roosevelt and was the published and used in his campaign for the 1936 elections. The letter tells us how Roosevelt helped an elderly couple who helped to extend a loan and helped the couple get all there furniture back. This letter showed the America how much Roosevelt cares for the American people. The letter also showed how much he wants to help America get out of the depression. Sources M and J are against Roosevelt. Source M says that Roosevelt did nothing for the depression and did nothing for America at all. Source J was written by a rich man who is hurt by Roosevelt because he is using there tax money for the new deal it quotes;" Roosevelt was a rich man's son" the rich are offended and don't approve of Roosevelt for helping the American people. I think that both views gave support. Simone Radford 10N ...read more.

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