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In what ways did the Nazis try to eliminate all Jews in Europe in the years from 1941 onwards?

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The Holocaust GSCE Coursework Q3. In what ways did the Nazi's try to eliminate all Jews in Europe in the years from 1941 onwards? In 1940 polish Jews were forced to live in parts of towns called Ghettos. The conditions in Ghettos were awful, they became overcrowded and diseased. The Nazi's wanted to separate Jews from the rest of the public and round them up in one place ready for later use. Jews were becoming ill living in ghettos because of the ill state of the places and the diseases being spread. Also even worse, the diseases were killing some of the Jews. In 1941 a mass deportation of German Jews to ghettos took place. They were sent to ghettos in Nazi occupied areas such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Czechoslovakia. ...read more.


The deportation of German Jews to this camp began. Trains from Slovakia, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and Norway also took Jews to the Auschwitz death camp. Hitler's plan was to take all Jewish people to the death camps in eastern Europe and kill them all. In 1943 any remaining Jews that were still living in Germany and Austria lost all legal rights and were forced to surrender to the Nazi secret police. Now that Hitler had thought he got most of European Jews rounded up in Concentration and death camps he ordered the Nazis to murder them. To kill the Jews the put them in gas chambers and gas vans. They told the Jews that they were going for showers but once the Jews were locked in these chambers they were gases to death. ...read more.


The Nazis had to destroy all the gas chambers at Auschwitz to hide the evidence. The Nazis had to resolute to another plan. They forced the remaining inmates of the camps to march towards Germany. This was called a death march. Thousands of Jews died during the journey. In 1945 the death marches from camps in eastern Europe continued with many more thousand Jews dieing. During this year the death marches were stopped because the Soviet, British and American armies fought their way to Berlin. The very few survivors from these camps were liberated and released to go. Hitler committed suicide on the 30th April and Germany surrendered on the 8th March. All action and murders of Jews had been stopped. The Nazis had been stopped. This was all good for the Jewish and Gypsies but they will never forget the horror they had to go through during the death camps. Six million Jews and 200,000 Gypsies had been murdered during the rule Germany and the Nazi's. ...read more.

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