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In What Ways Were Some of the Following Reasons More Important Than Others In Affecting the Social, Political and Economic Position of Black People

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In what ways were some of the following reasons more important than others in affecting the social, political and economic position of black people In this essay I' am going to discuss the following topics: Slave Status, the attitude of the Southern states after the civil war, the Ku Klux Klan and European immigration up to the years of 1914. I will answer them using quotes and my own points of views. Slave status was an important factor that affected social, political and economic position of black Americans an many ways, such as the following; Due to slavery black Americans didn't get educated unless they were lucky which affected them if they wanted to become politicians or even get a job. ...read more.


This meant that they were in a similar situation as before, still dependent on white people. To vote people had to pass literacy test which very few black people could do or they were said to fail. There was also a Poll tax which was a payment that every citizen had to pay, a failure to pay meant that you were not allowed to vote. The attitude of the southern state after the civil war very bitter. The defeated South had to be rebuilt, the name given to this period of time after the civil war is Reconstruction. New state governments had to be elected now in the South and Northern politicians and government officials were sent into the South to organise elections. ...read more.


The aim of the Klan was to ensure white supremacy. The KKK affected blacks economic and social position by ensuring that they could not get any sort of education. Black sharecroppers sometimes had their crops stolen or destroyed. The Klan threatened blacks using violence and murder so that they became terrified to register to vote. They also scared black and white politicians into not standing up for rights for black citizens. The power and determination of the KKK destroyed hopes of black people and ended the period of Reconstruction. Many black people were no better off than they had been as slaves. Up to 1914 white Europeans immigrated into America. They saw America as the "Land of Opportunity" Once they were allowed into America they started looking for jobs. Blacks and whites both were educated and were both after the sort of same jobs. Michael Gagliano ...read more.

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