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It Was a Hot Sunny Day In the Small Tribal Village of Kushiki

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Year 10 Creative Writing It was a hot sunny day in the small tribal village of kushiki when all of a sudden there was a loud bang coming from the butchers which was owned by an old man called Zenial, it was a heard all around the village. As soon as the dust had settled a circle had been formed around the wreckage which was once the local butchers. Then a small figure pushed his way through the crowd. It was the king Tombah. When he got to the front, he started to pull the rubble away. He was obviously looking for something the crowd started to talk amongst themselves, just then he stood up and shouted "AH HA!" I knew it. He lifted up a small piece of metal above his head. "A lead bomb" he shrieked. "Someone has planted this here". "Find Zenial" he whispered to Shahalia his son and guardian "He 's out in the forest" Shahalia replied "Go to the forest and bring him to me". It was mid afternoon by the time Shahlia returned in the Kings hut "Here he is farther" said Shahlia "Thank you son" the king replied "You may go now". ...read more.


Already there was a large gathering at the gates of the Royal hut and there in the middle of the King's drive was the king's chariot ablaze, Shalia dived into the flames and emerged moments later coughing and covered in ash with the servant Kakina in his arms. "You can get me a new temporary servant as well" Tombah sighed "and a new chariot and hurry or we will be late for the funeral." The Next Day It was the day after the former Chief of Police Quatina's funeral and Shahlia had been looking for his farther all day. He finally found him sitting on the bench outside in the garden for himself he crept up to him slowly so he would not disturb him if he were sleeping. "Farther" he whispered "Yes son" he replied dimly "I have someone here to see you about the Chief of Police vacancy" "Send him out" Shahlia returned minuets later with a tall, broad shouldered muscular man. "Nice to meet you your majesty" he spoke with a strong accent he's obviously not from around here thought Tombah. ...read more.


They went in with their guns in their hands "MUM" Shahlia screeched "Yes dear before you ask I have been trying to kill your farther" Lipetel spoke her voice sounded very bitter "Lipetel" said a shocked Tombah "Why" he continued "Because two years ago you made a promise which you have not kept" her voice sounded even more bitter "What?" he looked very puzzled "You told Zenial that you would find the people that blow up his shop," "I know but that is know reason to kill me and any way you didn't even like the man" he was getting angry "Like him?........I loved him! I was having an affair with him it's had been going on even before we were married but it doesn't matter I will soon be joining him any way" This left the small group of people there very confused they all looked at each other except Tombah he knew what was coming next "What?" Volcistatior asked she pulled a pistol out of her boot and placed the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger "NOOOOO" Tombah and Shahlia screamed at the same time. The End ...read more.

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