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Jack the ripper - source related study.

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1. From source A we can learn many things about the reaction of the local people in response to the brutal White Chapel Murders of Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls, firstly we can tell from the opening of the article in the East End Observer that local people believe the two murders to be linked "the two murders". In addition to this the fact that both murders were reported in the same article implies that they believe them both to be the work of the same killer. This belief could also be partially due to the fact that both murders were very brutal and without addition motive such as robbery as the victims were considered the poorest of the poor, which would make them unlikely targets for robbery. It was because of these facts that people at time suggested the "idea that both crimes are the work of the demented being", this quote also further supports the fact that people at the time believe them both to be the work of the same killer as they believe them both t be the work of a madman. ...read more.


This shows that the coroner was in no doubt that Nicholls was murdered with a knife and even names it as the murder weapon. This is backed up largely by Dr Fredericks report where we are told that there was a "long incision which commenced on the left side" side of strides body. This implies that that Dr Frederick believed a knife or similar weapon to be the weapon used in the murder. One difference that is very apparent in the source is the difference in tone and detail between source A and the other 2 sources, it is because of this that I do not think that information form source A to be as accurate as information in sources B and C. I have taken this view as I believe that the paper would have exaggerated and changed information to sell papers where as sources C and B were official reports so information would have been more accurate and detailed. ...read more.


The ripper was aided somewhat though by the general state of Whitechapel at the time of the murders, source E tells us that at the time of the murders there was "open and defiant ruffianism" in Whitechappel. This would of meant that the police would have had to of dealt with a lot of fights which would have stretched there already understrengthed force even more making it easier for the Ripper to escape unseen. Finally the structure of whitechapel would have been key in the Ripper not being caught, we are told in source E that whitechapel is "connected by a network of narrow, dark and crooked lanes". This would of meant that the Ripper would have been relatively easy for the Ripper to dissapear through the maze of dark lanes and alleys with each containing "some headquarters of infamy, furthermore it would have made it harder for an accurate description to be obtained at night. 1 Jack Sponder Jack the Ripper Coursework ...read more.

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