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Law And Order: Coursework Question 5

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Coursework Question 5 Source G is a statement made by "William.J.Mcconnell", a later governor of the western state of Idaho, he "criticises the first settlers" for the downfall of western America and mining towns. He claimed that if the first settlers "had directed their energies not only to making money but also to public affairs, including the election of good men to fill offices, life and property might have been safe from the beginning as in older and well-regulated states", this indicates that he is accusing "the first settlers in the mining towns of Idaho" for the downfall of western America and mining towns etc, but is his statement right or wrong and is it backed up by evidence from the sources? The sources that agree with source G are sources B, D and E. Source B agrees because in the source it states that " there was no safety for life and property only as far as each individual could, with his trusty rifle, protect his own", this suggests that there was no law and order so people had to take the law into their own hands to find justice because there was no sheriff or marshals elected by ...read more.


The source is reliable to some extent because it has evidence, as it was "pinned to the body of a man hanged for murder by the vigilantes", but has no authenticity, date or location therefore one could question it's reliability, also it is a warning note and portrays how vigilantes were like back then. The sources that contradict with source G are sources C and F. Source C disagrees with source G because it tells us how miners were very independent and did not receive no help, expect from the women "Most of the miners built themselves cabins and did their own cooking", "the women were particularly kind leaving their own work to care for those who were ill", this indicates that they were independent and even though they had a bad environment they still continued to achieve the American dream. Most miners got ill from dirty conditions for example: "Typhoid", therefore you cannot blame the first settlers for them getting ill as they lived a different and maybe healthier lifestyle. The source is reliable as it has authenticity which includes a date "1864", a location "Virginia, Montana" and an author "Granville Stuart" however the author could have been one-sided and only influences the bad things. ...read more.


Furthermore, in my opinion Source G is fair comment because it has sources B, D and E for evidence whilst it opposes sources C and F. As well as this Sources C and F do not have very effective information to challenge Source G. This is because Source F in my opinion has been edited or influenced in someway because it is very bias as it claims that Virginia City has nothing wrong there. But due to my own knowledge I know that problems arose because of the 1862 Gold Rush which argues my point that source F. The strengths source G has is; its evidence from sources B, D and E which are all reliable to some extent, expect source E as it only a note attached to a man that was hung by vigilantes which back up its views. The weaknesses of source G are that it has no authenticity i.e.: a date or location, expect for the author "William.J.Mcconnell" but this could suggest that it is his own opinion/view so he could be bias or might have edited the source to fit his perspective and could have portrayed it differently to how it really was back then. Henceforth, my judgement is that source G is a fair comment. ...read more.

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