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opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime

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"The most important reason why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime was its use of propaganda" Explain how far you agree with this statement. Propaganda, did play, a large and significant part in supporting the Nazi regime. They did this by, advertising, the positive sides of the Nazi, regime, which persuaded, and manipulated the Germans to believe that what the Nazis were doing were good. A reason for why propaganda caused little opposition, was due to repetition, from, radios, that were played every day, supporting the Nazis, they also printed newspapers writing articles, in which talked about the positive things the Nazis were doing, and pictures, showing them helping the German community. A film director, called Lene also made a film of Hitler, preaching his word to the Germans, this film was very biased, and made Hitler look good. This also gave the Germans an impression that Hitler was some wonderful, man which caused the Germans to not oppose of the Nazis'. ...read more.


of the Nazi regime they were tortured, until death, or were used to help do things that were constructive to the Nazis . Over 6 million people died, and the Nazis burned the bodies, and used them as fertilisers. These two methods are two of many ways of what the Nazis' did to terrorise the Germans. Now that Hitler had nearly gain full ownership in controlling Germany, there were many advantages that the Germans had. Hitler had got rid of the Trade unions, which meant that the owners were free to treat their employees, which meant their profits were multiplied. Social security improved, which made the German feel safe and comfortable in there own surroundings. They also improved making things more hygienic and clean. Technology was also improved which helped speed up things, and make them easier such as a new motorways were built. It was also easier to get a job. All these things made the Germans happy because even though they were good ideas to the Germans they also benefited from them which caused little opposition. ...read more.


Propaganda is also a more effective method of causing little opposition because it links to the use of terror, and the advantages, of supporting the Nazi regime. The propaganda, made terrorism seem like, they were protecting, the Germans from people who wanted to harm, them, or destroy the perfected Nazi community, such as publishing books, and writing articles or printing pictures which supported which was twisted to make it look that way. Propaganda links with advantages, because they would promote the beneficial things that the Germans would get, such as jobs in newspapers, announce good news on the radio, and also the Germans saw the changes that were happening with their own eyes such as motorways being built. Every where that you turned propaganda was in your face, so it was very hard not to give in to that temptation and belief thinking that Germany was perfect because that's what the Germans wanted. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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