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Prohibition coursework

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All of the sources could be split into three sections over here. Sources that would Agree, disagree or in the middle that the failure of the prohibition was inevitable. Source A agrees with the fact that the failure of the prohibition was inevitable because government introduced prohibition and this destroyed the foundation of America. The government introduced a law which ignored of American desire and daily habits. It says "For no earlier law had gone against the daily custom habits and desires if so many Americans". The government introduced prohibition to America but they didn't realise they made a big mistake. It created the biggest criminal boom as they were addicted to alcohol. The citizens of America acted like children's as when they took away alcohol they tendency for it increased and it created serious criminal boom. This source A is from an American history book which was published in 1973 and even though this is not a primary source this could be trusted because this is written almost 50 years later so it would not be biased. ...read more.


The government was sending out messages to people to the consequences it can bring but the people did not care. If they did then they wouldn't have to introduce prohibition. This poster was published in 1915, 5 years before prohibition but still made no difference to peoples opinion about alcohol. These both sources do not support the fact that the failure of prohibition was inevitable because this both posters were trying to bring awareness to the people. The next source is E, which is a letter written in 1932, by John.D.Rockefeller, Jr. and this source is in the middle in terms of whether the failure of prohibition was inevitable because at the beginning he had the hope that the prohibition would be a huge success as he said "I hoped that It would be widely supported by public opinion" but then he came to reality when he said "reluctantly" he had to believe that it has not been a success. Even the best citizens have ignored prohibition. Prohibition worked as a reverse psychology for the people as this law was brought into to stop alcohol but by this the general demand for alcohol increased tremendously. ...read more.


Most of the high status people were corrupted and that is the reason why I concluded that the last source was not to be trusted completely this was from the time of prohibition so it is a primary source and it could be trusted as it showing the truth to the people. The next and the final source is from a police talking about Chicago in the 1920. This is at the time of prohibition so it is primary source. This source says that how the people were corrupted over there and they were not able to do their duty properly because their superiors were corrupted. The police man says that it was "Conspiracy and my superiors were involved". This source also aggress that the failure of the prohibition was inevitable because of all the corruption that happened. Most of the sources shown here agree that the failure of prohibition was inevitable because many high ranked people in the society were corrupted. The people who should be looking after people were corrupted. The rich people became richer and the poor people became poorer. This was one of the biggest mistakes made in the past and past cannot be changed. ...read more.

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