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Prohibition Sources Question

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Prohibition Sources Question Source A is a map of America taken form 'An American History Atlas' written in 1968 by Martin Gilbert. The map is useful in a way that it shows us where prohibition spread to in America. Its shows us 'territory in which the sale of alcohol was forbidden in 1845','states with local prohibition in 1845' and 'states entirely dry by1915'. However source A does not tell us why one state has prohibition and why others don't. You can see from the map that prohibition was around before 1915. It gradually grew and spread around America's states until finally most of America had prohibition laws. Sources b and c are both sources based on the reason why prohibition was caused. ...read more.


They differ because they have a different point of view about the situation, one is bout blaming the Germans for the alcohol and the other is about religion. Source d is a photograph, which was taken at the time after a raid on a speakeasy, but this source looks very staged as they are all standing looking at the camera and all the bottles are lined up. This is made for propaganda. It was made to make believe that their work was working and cracking down on illegal works. Source E was a picture drawn for a textbook for use in British schools. Michael Duffy drew it. It was made to show what was going on at the time of prohibition and what it was like when the found out about illegal works! ...read more.


Source D is a primary source as it was taken in the 1920's when prohibition was around. Source E is a secondary source at it was drawn in 1964! Source F may be a precise source of information but it was written 1985 so it makes it a secondary source, which means that the information could have been played with before it was written. The source is manly facts and figures, which means that I may not be accurate. It does however give us a clear view of how the law on Prohibition failed. The law on prohibition was only enforced when people wanted to find out how well the programme was going. Other times I don't think that the law was enforced well. I think that some of the police were involved in the movement and storage of the illegal alcohol. So, law was very relaxed!! ...read more.

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