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Question 1 of the 1960's

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Question 1 Of The 1960's Coursework From source A we can learn what a big impact the Beatles had on London. The origin of the source is the actress Joanna Lumley, the nature of this source is a written description and the purpose of the source to inform us about the impact of the Beatles. 'Extraordinary silence' this suggest the Beatles had such a massive impacted on London that everyone was watching the Beatles. 'emptiness had descended upon London, on England, on Britain' this is showing us just what impact the Beatles made on the whole of Britain also 'hurried' and 'sprinted' is showing the excitement of this incredible god like band. ...read more.


She knows how big they become and this also influences her memories, as back in 1964 they weren't as big as they were later. Plus Joanna Lumley wasn't your ordinary teen back then she had celebrity status and seen things a lot more differently than other teens back then. This is a more realistic view on her views, 'A hot summer's evening' not everyone is going to be inside watching the Beatles its not like everyone loves them. 'London, on England, on Britain' the whole nation wasn't interested in them and they were barely known throughout Britain anyway seeing as this was only the start of the Beatles. ...read more.


'Being cool, hip, smart, lippy, champing, and funny. How does she know what there personalities are like she didn't even know them, no one did and that's why they have drug allegations behind them so she surly didn't know them that well. In my conclusion she set's up the impact the Beatles on a massive scale but reality how could she know this and we know this isn't true seeing as they were more of a teen band and were barley famous at this time anyway. I fell this source is showing us more of the impact the Beatles had on Lumley personally and not what it had on the nation as a whole this is why we cannot trust this source completly. ...read more.

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