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Robert E. Lee came from a military family and graduated from the US Military Academy.

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´╗┐Lee-Jackson Scholarship Essay The Civil war was a very tumultuous time in our nation?s history. It consisted of a struggle for basic human rights and endless bloodshed that would forever change the face of our nation. Aside from being horrific, the fighting was very tactical due to the strategies of Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee came from a military family and graduated from the US Military Academy. There, he became a combat engineer and steadily rose up to become a high ranked officer. Lee later used these skills during the Mexican-American War. He was very successful during this war as a scout and used his engineering skills to setup his weaponry. Lee also worked with Ulysses S. Grant and had a huge impact on the war. ...read more.


Stuart along with his cavalry to circle the Union Army and find places where they would be most vulnerable. This was important because Lee was going to get Thomas J. ?Stonewall? Jackson to attack the Union forces from the right flank. Lee also was successful in cutting one of the Union?s main supply lines. Even though this plan sounded brilliant, it did cost the Confederate Army many thousands of lives. However, Lee?s tactics were so effective, the forced McClellan to retreat so he could save his supply lines ("Peninsula Campaign."). This was portrayed as a huge victory by Southern newspapers and boosted the morale of the South. Then the Battle of the 2nd Bull Run took place. With the help of Jackson, Lee had cut the Union supply line between Manassas and Washington DC. ...read more.


Using his tactics, Lee sent Jackson to out-flank the Union ("The Battle of Chancellorsville Summary & Facts | Civilwar.org." ). This is considered Lee greatest victory but such triumph was to be short-lived. The reason for that was that as Jackson was returning at night, one of his own men shot him in the arm due to confusion. Jackson, who later died, was a huge blow to the Confederate Army ("Weider History Group.?). During the Civil War, Robert E. Lee knew that the Confederates were outnumbered and outgunned by the masses. However, through his decisive leadership and courage, Robert E. Lee led his troop to numerous victories during the beginning of the war. By obtaining clever military tactics, Lee showed the South that could prevail. Had Jackson not died and had Lee had more supplies, one can say that the outcome of the war would?ve been much different. ...read more.

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