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russia: what happened to the romanov family question 1 and 2

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Russia what happened to the Romanov family Question A A) Sources A and B give similar accounts. Does this mean they are reliable? Source A and B give similar accounts of what happened to the Romanov family. They both state that they believe the tsar , Dr Botkin, two servants and the maid were shot in the Ipatiev house. Source A is a report from an American newspaper and it tells us that Judge Sergeyev investigated the murder of the Romanov family and he believes there was a murder, and it happened in the lower storey of the building, although Sergeyev also believes that not all the members of the household were shot there. He believes "the Tsar, the family doctor, the two servants and the maid were all shot in the Ipatiev house" [source A], however he believes that "Empress, the Tsar's son and four other children" [source A] were not shot there. The fault with this source is that as it was written for a newspaper, Sergeyev may not have actually said this it could just be the journalists interpretation on what was actually said. ...read more.


Source A and B are similar in that the information in both originate from Sergeyev. The sources are different in that Source B is more open-minded than Source A. Both sources A and B suggest say the Tsar, the family doctor (Dr Botkin), two servants and the maid were all shot in the Ipatiev house. Sources A and B are both taken from what judge Sergeyev had said, it is therefore not surprising that the sources are similar. Although source A and B give similar accounts this does not necessarily mean that they are reliable ,as the information in the sources have been orientated from the same place. However, by cross-referencing to other sources I can find evidence information that supports what both Source A and B are saying. b) How far does the account in source C differ from those in sources A and B? Sources A and B are similar to C because that they all say that people were killed in the basement of the Ipatiev house. ...read more.


Source C is written in a way that makes the murders seem very horrific using powerful words such as "the bloody carnage" and "Massacred", words like these could suggest that the judge was not impartial. The reason for this is possibly because Judge Sokolov was appointed by the 'Whites'. Having said this Source C appears to be the most reliable evidence in terms of key facts being mentioned in other sources for instance Pavel Medvedev also talking about the family being taken by lorries in his interview. In comparison Source B is written with uncertainty but seemingly impartially. Source C has more differences than similarities to source A and B as it includes many opinions in it. Source A and b are uncertain accounts whereas source C sure that the family were killed. Sergeyev's report was not biased enough this is more than likely to be the reason as to why he was sacked and source B is unbiased whereas as source C is very biased and makes the 'reds' look bad. ...read more.

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