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Russian October 1917 Revolution - When, what, who, why, how and where.

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´╗┐Russian October 1917 Revolution ________________ When The Revolution took place in October 1917 (can also be referred to as the Revolution in November 1917 due to Russian calendar system), when the Russian Provisional Government was still in turmoil and no leader was yet elected by the people. However, the precise date was October 24th. What The Russian Revolution in October 1917 was an event which followed an earlier Revolution in February of the same year. The Revolution was a series of unorganised events triggered by Lenin who had the idea to use the state of Russian government to capitalise on his party?s popularity. ...read more.


Despite that, the state of Russian government was still in a chaos. Looking to benefit from this turmoil, socialistic Lenin, the enemy of many Tsarists, whose return was approved by the government came back and won the heart of many Russians with his political party?s campaign, Bolsheviks. From then, the Bolsheviks and Lenin became a big power in Russian with massive support from the people. Furthermore, since Lenin intended to put an end to war, Germany played a major role in the Revolution by financially supporting Lenin and his party. ...read more.


How The decided date was 24th of October; troops loyal to Bolsheviks took up crucial positions in Petrograd (modern St. Petersburg) such as the telegraph office, railroad stations and major bridges. The Coup D’état went smoothly with the guards commissioned by the Provisional Government fleeing the city without putting up a fight. By the day after, all key buildings in the city were under Bolsheviks’ control except for the Winter Palace where Kerensky and his government leaders holed up inside. Shortly after, Kerensky fled the Palace and never returned to Russia, ending the Revolution without any bloodshed. Where The Revolution took place in Petrograd or St. Petersburg in Russia ...read more.

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