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Sheaphard Wheel Essay

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Shepherd wheel essay I have currently participated in a trip to shepherd wheel, located in the porter valley in the Bingham Park, where it is surrounded by woods named whitely woods. I went to shepherd wheel with school, we went to get a first hand view of the terrible conditions that the people if this era had to work in and to learn how they made steel and what dangers they faced while working in the environment, When Sheffield was a big manufacturer of steel it was used constantly in the steel industry, now shut down the museum is open to educational finds such as schools and collages for visits, it is now run by the 'Sheffield Museum Trust' where it has been maintained and left untouched for the people to see first hand just how bad it was for the workers. ...read more.


ever, it was colder in the building than it was out doors, the atmosphere was musty and consisted of a mixture of dust and damp which lingered through out, the dust collected on the wooden floor and made it slippery and covered the whole floor and all of the objects on it. I also noticed the lack of space and crowded and cramped conditions, the workstations were within 1 meter away from each other this is excluding tool space so the space would be even more cramped when in working order, the lack of space occasionally lead to injuries there were also more factors which could have caused injuries these dangers varied from 'Exploding wheels' to grinders asthma. Exploding wheels were caused by cracks in the grinding stones which then made even worse by weathering they finally gave way and broke whilst spinning at high speeds, they flew all over the building in some instances injuring and even killing one person. ...read more.


The Grinders worked long hours which varied on how much work they had to do from 9am to 9pm or they could go even later! Some of the workers would stay into the early hours of the morning to get their work finished. I know this from the grinder's booklet that I have received in class to help me with this assignment I have also been told orally of this by my teacher in school. Overall the information I retrieved from the booklet was relatively accurate baring in mind that we could not see some things for our selves like the wheels in working order and we couldn't have a first hand experience of the red hot mates and the whole workshop in full working order but the things we could see they made a very clear and accurate judgement of. ...read more.

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