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Stalin Sources Questions

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Matthew Ray History Coursework QUESTION (1) Source (A) gives the impression that Stalin is a mass murderer showing Stalin and the results of his polices. The pyramids are made up of skulls and each skull represents each person he has killed. Source (B) on the other hand shows the complete opposite, it shows him as a God. People are crowding around him on the left, and on the right it shows the latest in technology, a hydro-electric power station. Stalin is in the middle of the picture with a smirk on his face and dressed in white, so he stands out from everyone else who is wearing dirty and dark clothes. Everyone thinks Stalin is doing Russia's economy a good deed by building an environmentally friendly power station. ...read more.


Stalin is the judge, jury and executioner and is clearly fixed it so the court has only one opinion giving the defendant no chance. Both sources say that Stalin trails were show trails meaning "fixed", however source (I) was attempting to scare the defendants into guilt and source (J) gave the defendants no chance to plead their innocence because the judge, jury and executioner have the same opinions, and personality of Stalin, meaning the defendant has no waves of defence. Matthew Ray History Coursework QUESTION (3) Source (E) would sound to anybody out of Russia a little over the top with its use of extravagant language. The writer is ether brainwashed by Stalin's polices or he is wrote this to follow the censorship laws of Russia. ...read more.


Matthew Ray History Coursework QUESTION (2) In source (D) Stalin tries to make himself a popular caring man by using a simple kind of propaganda. He attempts to make people think he concerned about people's welfare to others. It proves that he cares about what people's opinion is of him. It is an attempt to redeem himself from murdering millions of people. It seems that he is trying to mock Siberia and the leaders of different countries as well as making him self sound like a great person. Stalin had an insecure personality and was hypocritical over everything. He did this to make himself seem like a people person and a good leader. Instead people got the wrong impression. People didn't believe what he was saying was true because it was so hypocritical. ...read more.

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