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study sources 1 and b. do these sources prove that the crash and the depression were the responsibility of the republican party and its leader?

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History coursework 5 During the economic boom America was growing quickly and poverty in cities decreased dramatically, and people gained a lot of money and used to things such as raise businesses, begin mass production of products and buying stocks on the stock market. And Hoover used this to his advantage saying " We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land." ...read more.


Roosevelt said this because he knew that some of the American public were angry about the Wall Street crash and the promise by Hoover saying that they were close to the end of poverty, and now the whole world is in a poverty crisis. And they needed someone to rely on because they thought Hoover would help the economy get even better to fight poverty, and this was what Hoover tried to achieve, but the unforeseen crash and the following depression changed a lot of people's views on Hoover so we were easily swayed into Roosevelt's favour. ...read more.


to fight for them to get their money back to them, and Roosevelt might of been intending to sneak in a blow towards Hoover by implying that he was the person to blame for the depression by using the word "deceit" which makes it feel like the Republicans were just saying useless words to win the election. I think that the republicans were not to blame for the Wall Street Crash and the following depression because they were making promises that could of been kept if the Wall street crash did not happen. ...read more.

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