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Studying weather patterns in Neath and Cardiff in winter.

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Pupil: Sophie Radford School: St Michael's Year of Exam: 2004 Introduction: - My aims for this project are to see how the weather changes from day to day in my local area. The area I have chosen is my local village called Bryncoch, which is in Neath. The purpose of me choosing to do this project was because I was curious how and why the weather changed. The data I collected was the daily temperature, daily rainfall, daily wind speed, daily wind direction, and daily air pressure. Every day results were recorded in the morning and the evening in the summer and in winter. I will compare these results to see how different winter weather is compared to summer weather. THIS IS THE AREA IN WHICH I RECORDED ONE SET OF RESULTS: CHAPTER 1: These are the winter results at Cardiff: - DAY MAXTEMP MINTEMP RAIN SUN WIND SPEED WIND DIRECTION CLOUD TYPE WEATHER (Deg C) (Deg C) (MM) (Hours) (Knots) 1 9.1 4.4 --- 0.0 9 South west Cumulus 2 10.1 6.1 0.5 3.9 10 South west Cumulus 3 9.5 6.0 0.0 0.1 10 South west Cirrus 4 8.7 6.4 0.0 0.7 13 South west Cirrus 5 7.8 6.7 0.0 0.0 9 South west Cirrus ...read more.


Day 20: Neath had a highest temperature of 8�C and a minimum temperature of 3�C, whereas Cardiff had a highest temperature of 12.1�C and a minimum temperature of 3.7�C. Factors that might affect the temperatures are the Latitude, Distance from the sea, Prevailing winds, and Altitude. Factors affecting temperatures: Ocean currents can increase or reduce temperatures. The diagram to the left shows the ocean currents of the world. The main ocean current that affects the UK is the Gulf Stream. The Gulf of Mexico has higher air temperatures than Britain, as it's closer to the equator. This means that the air coming from the Gulf of Mexico to Britain is also warm. However, the air is also quite moist as it travels over the Atlantic Ocean. This is one reason why Britain often receives wet weather. Winds that blow from the sea often bring rain to the coast and dry weather to inland areas. Prevailing Winds: Prevailing winds will bring warm weather if they pass over warm surfaces (the land in summer, the sea in winter) and cold weather if they blow across cold surfaces (the land in winter, the sea in summer). ...read more.


As the warm air and water vapour rises, it cools until a critical temperature is reached, at which point the air becomes saturated. This critical temperature is called the dew point. If air continues to rise and cool, some of the water vapour in it condenses back into minute droplets of water. * Condensation requires the presence of large numbers of microscopic particles known as hygroscopic nuclei. This is because condensation can only take place on solid surfaces such as volcanic Dust, salt or smoke (or on windows and walls in a bathroom or kitchen). The difference between the three types of rainfall is the condition that forces the warm air to rise in the first place. A diagram of the formation of rain: The three types of rainfall: A diagram of Relief Rainfall: A diagram of Convectional Rainfall: A diagram of Frontal Rainfall: Neath receives more rainfall than Cardiff because it is at a higher altitude. There the highest amount of rainfall received in Neath was 32.9 mm and the highest amount of rainfall received in Cardiff was 31.5mm. Rain falls because it is forced to. Warm moist air is forced to rise up and over mountains. It is called Relief rainfall. The actual process is shown above. ...read more.

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