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The 1905 revolution was no real threat to Tsardom

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The 1905 revolution was no real threat to Tsardom. For many hundreds of years Russia had been run by the Romanov dynasty. They had ruled over Russia with unlimited power sanctioned by arbitrary power which they believed that god had given to them. However in the early 20th century discontent started to grow. The tsar became inundated with calls for change and to end his and his family's autocratic rule. It can be said that revolution was in the air but many people have debated whether the 1905 revolution had any sort of impact towards the lessening of the tsar's powers. In this essay I will argue that some political advances were made towards democracy, however it will also argue that what did arise from the revolution and the following events ...read more.


The effect of the 1905 revolution was a psychological change in the people. It would pose a huge treat to the tsar. This was especially evident in the 1917 revolution because he could no longer rely on the support of his people or his army. With the new radical thoughts running through the peasants mind strikes and uprisings soon followed along with national revolts. All these events were exacerbated by the defeat of the Russian Armies in Manchuria, in May 1905. These put pressure on to the tsar to make change to the way in which he ran the country. He had to decide to either control the masses by creating a military dictator ship or to grant the sought after constitution. ...read more.


The Tsar allowed foreign publications to send their materials in to Russia and through the communication network, Lenin and other revolutionary ideas floated to the remotest of villages. Everybody now knew Lenin's socialist party and was suitably impressed by the works in "Pravda", their magazine. Therefore the effect that the 1905 revolution was suppressed by the changes that the tsar made after it. The people of Russia started to see changes in their society which would make their standard of living far greater. By the time of the October Manifesto, in 1905, the Tsar promised more political power in the hands of the people through a national duma. Because of these changes the tsar must have seen his power fading away as an inevitable 2nd revolution loomed up. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - Russian Revolution By Alex Bennett ...read more.

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