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The Civil Rights Movement achieved a great deal in the 1950s and 1960s

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"The Civil Rights Movement achieved a great deal in the 1950s and 1960s." Between 1950 and 1970 the Civil Right Movement began to improve at least for the blacks. The first sign of this was in 1950 when the Supreme Court ruled that a public institution of higher learning could not provide different treatments to a student solely because of their race. This meant that schools were becoming desegregated. This is shown is Source A a table showing the number of black students attending schools within eleven southern states. Between the years of 1956-7 the numbers were very low and only added up to 3440 and then by 1961 they more than doubled to 6903, this shows that the desegregation worked with great effect. This source contains sufficient evidence to prove an interpretation. The source was produced by Britain therefore they may have had a motive to make America look bad. The source does prove the interpretation but it does not prove that it was the Civil Rights Movement that done all the work. ...read more.


King traveled all over the country making speeches and inspiring people to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement. The first couple of lines tell us that King appreciated that blacks all over the country have paid attention to him and used non-violent methods of persuasion. King talks about the 1960 sit-ins these were inspired by Kings Book; this was where small black students would sit in restaurants that did not serve black people. This source has motive to be biased as it is Martin Luther King himself is a black man so he will obviously be on the black's side after the way he has seen blacks been treated in the Southern states. Source D is a conversation between two black men about the race riots in Detroit on August 1967. It seems that they have set fire to a building - most likely populated or associated with whites. This is not a non violent action this is the type of action that will only slow down black's path to equality. They are doing this for revenge because as the source shows they seem to be proud of it "... ...read more.


The reason for this will be that many voting stations were burned down by whites, also blacks were threatened or murdered if they voted so some of them decided to not vote. The most noticeable change in percentage is Arkansas; it has doubled in number to hold the overall highest percentage - this is most likely due to the Little Rock incident which forced the state to prove to the world they are not raciest so that is the main reason why the percentage of Arkansas has increased so greatly. In Source F I only studied the film "Mississippi burning" and this was about racial prejudice in the south. This film may have been produced in the USA and that could immediately been seen as a possible biased film without even seeing it. After I seen it I realized that the USA pulled no punches and did not go easy on itself it showed all the mistakes that they made in the past. I think this film was made to show the world what happened and just how badly black people were treat. ?? ?? ?? ?? Civil Rights Coursework Question 2 Christopher Riddell ...read more.

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