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The Fall of the Tsar

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The Tsar and his ancestors has been running Russia as an autocracy for over 300 years. Running the worlds biggest country as an autocracy with a very incompetant Tsar was inevitably a recipie for disaster. Running a 6592800km� country single handedly was obviously never going to work. Tsar Nicholas II hated people giving him advice, even if it was good advice. He clearly didn't like people who were cleverer then he was. For example, the Tsar replaced Goremykin with Stolypin as Prime Minister. ...read more.


The Russian Army was terribly run. The Tsar himself had chosen the Army Generals based on their status and friendship to him. They had to army experience and almost no idea what they were doing. They were very poorly equiped and some soldiers went into battle without guns. They were instructed: "If a man near you dies, pickup his gun and use it." Because Russia was so big and the army generals were so unexperienced, they used soldiers at their disposal. Once all the best soldiers had been killed under poor leadership, peasants and some workers were made to conscript. ...read more.


The Duma had directly advised the Tsar to do something before he was overthrown. He ignored them and asked the Duma to disband. They refused and knew they had to do something before there was another revolution, but it seemed like a revoloution was going to be the only way to sort out Russia. On the same day, the Petrograd Soviets was set up, again. They began taking control of the cities food supplies. It was clear that the Tsar was not in control of Russia any more. Russia was finished with the Tsars. A proper government had to be set up. ...read more.

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