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The fossil fuel - oil is a resource that is running out very quickly.

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Oil Essay Introduction The fossil fuel - oil is a resource that is running out very quickly. Geologists estimate that if we continue pumping up oil at the same rate we are now, the worlds reservoirs will run out in approximately 25 years. Alternatives to using oil as fuel and to make plastic need to be found and enacted soon, otherwise we will be caught unaware and the price of a barrel of oil will skyrocket and countries rich in oil, like the USA, Iraq and Kuwait (to list a few) will have a monopoly on the oil market and will become far richer than other countries. Below are some alternatives to using oil as a fuel and as a source of ethene (used in making plastics). Alternatives To Oil as a Source of Fuels and Energy: At the moment, oil goes into making petrol, kerosene, naphtha, diesel and aircraft fuel. An alternative for the use of oil to make petrol to go in cars, etc can be to use hydrogen cells. These hydrogen cells use hydrogen gas to propel the pistons, which in turn moves the vehicle. ...read more.


Methanol is a lot less safe than Ethanol in that it is poisonous and highly corrosive. The corrosiveness can lead to a shorter engine lifetime. An alternative to diesel called Biodiesel has been in use in the USA since 1996 with a lot of success. These days trucks, trains and some cars run on diesel. This product is made from soybean oil and other vegetable oils, which is then mixed with a small amount of petrol. Biodiesel is biodegradable and is a renewable energy resource - which is good for the environment. The good thing about Biodiesel is that it comes from the soybean plant which can be grown in almost any country which means that no particular countries have a monopoly on the oil market. Another possible alternative for the use of oil-based products to provide fuel is that of electrical power. These days oil is widely used in power plants to produce electricity. The technology to make solar panels has been around for quite a while but has not been widely used. Using solar energy to produce electricity is great for the environment in that it has no emissions but solar panels are quite expensive and you need quite a lot of land to get enough power. ...read more.


Around the UK there are numerous wind farms (land with lots of wind powered turbines) that generate about 15% of the UK's power. Wind turbines are pretty expensive and need to be positioned correctly otherwise they wont perform to their full potential. For them to work, there needs to be at least 6knots of wind blowing otherwise no power will be generated. This is limiting for a lot of places. Alternatives to Oil as a Source of Ethene: Currently over 75: of the worlds plastic contains some sort of oil or oil-based product. If oil runs out plastics will suddenly become more expensive - with limited availability to some people. Tests are currently being conducted into using Ethanol and Methanol instead of oil in plastics. These substances (as described above) contain absolutely no inorganic matter and are completely renewable. These substances would be a much more logical ingredient to plastics. Conclusion: There are many viable alternatives to oil however most are in the very early stages of research and development. With further work on there such alternatives, scientists would ensure that when oil does run out, we have something to fall back onto which would enable people to still be able fuel for their car and electricity for their homes. ...read more.

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