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The importance of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision on the subsequent civil rights movement cannot be understated.

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The importance of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision on the subsequent civil rights movement cannot be understated. First of all, it reversed almost sixty years of legal decisions on segregation, beginning with Plessy vs. Ferguson. By declaring that the "separate but equal" argument for segregation was inherently unequal, the Brown decision opened the door for a wealth of legal battles against segregation at the local, state, and federal levels. ...read more.


Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, the Supreme Court was exceptionally receptive to civil rights battles at a time when other government agencies, to say nothing of public opinion, were reluctant if not hostile to the struggle. Therefore, it was common for civil rights leaders to fight their battles through the courts rather than to fight for new legislation or local ordinances. With Brown, the courts became the arena of the civil rights movement. ...read more.


While the Law was willing to grant equality, the culture was not. The slow pace of desegregation--and the incredible violence it met with--was proof positive that much work would have to be done before civil rights, at least as defined by the Brown decision, would become a reality. Finally, the Montgomery boycott gave the early civil rights movement a peek at figures that would prove to be instrumental later--namely Martin Luther King, Jr., who was widely praised for his patience, dedication, and strategies of non-violence. ...read more.

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