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´╗┐The term Industrial Revolution refers to a rapid change to make things, how they were made by hand to a mechanised way. People changed their way of living. The Industrial Revolution took place in the mid 18th century until the start of the 20th. The Industrial Revolution took place because of the different circumstances of that time. This happened because people (rich people) wanted to expand industry and have more money. Industry grew a lot and now there was more demand of products so they started mass-producing many products. ...read more.


The living quality grew and people became richer. New medicines were created and antiseptics so they could do major operations and seal the wound produced with antiseptics so the wounds didn?t get infected. Vaccines were discovered, so this means diseases like small pox fought against easier, so less people died of diseases. For example if they had to cut of an arm or a leg or something like that they used anesthetic because before they did that, when they were cutting some thing the patients suffered so much that they died. ...read more.


Children were used to go in between the machinery because they were small and agile. The Industrial Revolution was due to many different reasons. I have explained the factors that I feel are most important, but there are other reasons such as the improvement of agriculture and people said to the government that they should be given the right to have their own minds and do what they want to do. In conclusion, the main reason of which the industrial revolution took place was the rise in population, more people meant more things had to be produced such as clothes, and housing, coal and industry grew. ...read more.

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