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The Nature of Oppression

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Igor Bogorad Lisa Haney Literature C December 5, 2002 The Nature of Oppression Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the perfect proverb to describe the ongoing cycle of power in the Haitian world. Why does Henri Christopher chose to enslave many of his own people after he himself experienced the tortures of a slave in the book of The Kingdom of this World. The domination of King Henri Christophe shows that after the oppressed seize the oppressors, they wish to take their place. This is the ongoing cycle of power and domination. Alejo Carpentier strives to tell by his book that humans always want to overthrow the more powerful and dominate others. Through the cycle or process of slavery and dominion, the cruelty and brutality causes the oppressed to fear and feel alone and helpless. However it is through their fear they are all connected and unified, and in time they will always rebel the oppressors. Thus, the process of power will shift from one to another and there will always be someone trying to take that power. ...read more.


Lenormand de Mezy. All King Henri Christopher wanted was to be powerful and make his own paradise. He even allowed the death of blacks unlike the whites who did not want to lose money. Since there was always enough black women to bear their children there would never be a lack of workers to carry bricks. Thus, Henri Christophe wanted the power of domination more then having ethics. However, the power will never stay in the hands of one person for when the powerful exercise their power to an extreme they will become vulnerable. The process is always the same that the oppressors try to use suppression to dominate the people. They believe that this will make them separate and unable to rebel. Yet it is the fear the makes them have urge to rebel for that is the only way that they are connected yet it is so strong. So when this fear rises the popularity the power with move down to the oppressed. "Now, in the middle of the Place d'Armes, the fugitives related their tragic misfortune to the Governor of the fortress." ...read more.


But man's greatness consists of the very fact of wanting to be better then he is. In laying duties to himself" (185) However I disagree with Carpentier for I believe that the this "greatness" is also a weakness because man can think of himself higher then others and act as a oppressor. When, man achieves the strength of overthrowing the more powerful he will always care to take that same position. The reader sees this through the actions of Henri Christophe by how he betrays his people. Yet it is only natural to do so for man is still like animals trying to be stronger then everyone else. However, the power shall never remain for the will be the time when the oppressed have the will to overthrow their rulers. And then the cycle of power will then repeat, for this is human's nature. The only way man can overcome these repeating cycle of torment, is when humankind is caring and accepting for everyone. However for now, we must try not to achieve such power to change are ethics so we too are not corrupted. Work Listed Page Carpentier, Alejo and translated by Harriet de Onis. The Kingdom of This World Farrar, Straus and Giroux New York. ...read more.

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