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The new deal was not a complete success". How far do you agree with this statement?

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History coursework the new deal (c) "The new deal was not a complete success". How far do you agree with this statement? There arguments that the New Deal was a success, but also there are arguments, which show that the new deal was not a complete success. The parts of the new deal, which people thought were a success, are that the new deal sorted out the banking by protecting peoples savings and properties Roosevelt decided to close the banks because, during the depression banks were going bankrupt and with Roosevelt having this knowledge he decided to get all banks closed until they were fully checked by his advisors, the amount of banks that went bankrupt were mostly all of them, but 5000 banks were opened once they were checked by Roosevelt's advisors because these banks were seen as financially saved banks. If his advisors thought that the bank would go bankrupt then they would decide to keep it shut until it would become financially secure. Within 4 days Roosevelt allowed banks, which were financially secure to open. He also introduced the Emergency Banking Act. This act was introduced because Roosevelt wanted to prevent this disaster from happening again. ...read more.


Agricultural Adjustment Administration was set up to improve the long-term problem faced by the farmers. This organisation set quotas to reduce production, so therefore in the near future this would enable the prices of food to go up using the supply and demand theory. This would also cause profits to hit a record a high because, the farmers would now be getting double amount of money that they used to. This organisation was introduced to get the American agriculture industry back on its feet. This is because this organisation aim was to increase farmers income, which would gradually, improved farmer's profits and therefore this enabled farmers to modernise their technology used in their farming. I.e. (using all resources efficiently to increase optimum output.) This is another organisation, which can be classified as a success of the new deal because this organisation improved conditions for farmers. Another reason for why this was a success is that the amount produced increased because of the new machinery brought by the farmers using their extra revenue. Many people argue that the new deal was not a success because they argue that production went up because the American economy was recovering anyway. ...read more.


However there were still some people who thought that Roosevelt was wasting money because these people were the political opposition to Roosevelt's government and they tried to give him a bad name, in theory they wanted Roosevelt to become less popular with the American public. By looking at both arguments I could conclude that the first new deal was a success because it helped Americans recover from the depression and it saved their saving and it enabled Americans to get back to work. The second new deal was introduced to make the first new deal better. I say this because the second new deal had policies such as the Wagner Act and The Social Security Act. These acts helped employees; if Roosevelt did not create jobs then he would not have been able to make the policies because these policies in the second new deal required jobs. This is why I fairly disagree with the statement of the new deal not being a complete success because if we look back we will realise that it enabled Americans to get back to work and the second new deal gave employees a greater options because it enabled them to save for pensions and to get a wage increase according to inflation. This is why I disagree with the statement of the new deal not being a complete success. ...read more.

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