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The Role of White People in the Black Civil Rights Movement

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The role of white people towards the black civil rights movement varied, generally, white southerners were against the movement whereas white northerners were supportive of the movement. However, northern whites living in urban areas with a high black population resented black civil rights movements because the black people increased competition for jobs and housing. Also, some southerners did support the black rights movement. The white citizens council was an organisation which was strongly opposed to desegregation, the organisation did not want blacks and whites to mix and were determined not to let desegregation occur. The organisation was strongest in the south as blacks were more active there. the council fought to keep everything separate so that no desegregation would take place at all. These views were similar to those of Ku Klux Klan (KKK), although not so extreme. ...read more.


To prevent blacks from gaining civil rights the KKK often used its power and influence to prevent blacks being elected or promoted to powerful positions. Their views were similar to those of the white citizens council. The white American middle class did not approve of black civil rights, they did not want to share their wealth, prosperity and facilities. These attitudes were similar to the KKK's. In urban areas, whites resented the competition that black people gave for jobs and housing, there main advantage was their social superiority to blacks, and they wanted to keep this advantage. Generally, southern and northern views in this situation were similar although there were many more northerners in this situation. These racist views fell in line with the middle classes and their situations were similar. ...read more.


This sudden change in approach was similar to the students who supported black civil rights. Martin Luther King managed to influence many, his non-violent approach gained much support from northern and even some southern whites. The white supporters were supportive mainly of Kings non-violent approach. Whites living in urban areas were against black civil rights, they often physically prevented blacks from entering white areas, and often beat blacks who entered. These views were almost identical to those of the people living in areas with a high black population. Overall, the political approach towards civil rights was changing in favour of the civil rights movement, along with some white support, however strong opposition did exist in large proportions, this shows that a balanced opinion existed, and that those whites who could be swung in favour of black rights had to be converted in order for black civil rights to make progress. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2.1 By Stephen McManus 10G ...read more.

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