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The Romanov family - source related study.

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Source Coursework A) Study sources A and B. Sources A and B give similar accounts. Does this mean they are reliable? Source A contains information on Sergeyev's finding of the murder. Sergeyev is an investigator who was present in Russia in 1918, therefore his findings are important. Source B agrees totally with Source A, and normally this would make their information more reliable. Although I know that they cannot be considered reliable together because Sir Charles Elliot got his information from Sergeyev. The information in Source B is just repeating what Sergeyev says in Source A. However, on their own they should still not be considered reliable, because they disagree with Source D, which is an eyewitness account. They also disagree with Sokolov's investigation in Source C. And using my own knowledge I know that Sokolov's investigation was closer to the truth, because in 1994 the corpses of all of the Tsar's family was uncovered. So to conclude, I believe that Sources A and B are not reliable because the information in both is from the same source, and Sergeyev's findings were far from the truth. B) Study Sources A, B and C. How far does the account in Source C differ from those in Sources A and B? All three sources agree that the Tsar was murdered in the Ipatiev House. Although C states that not only the Tsar was murdered, but the entire Romanov family as well. ...read more.


So overall I believe that Source D is an unreliable source. Although it contains some truth, as he confesses to the murder of the Tsar and all his family, it simply cannot be trusted as it disagrees with what he said to his wife in Source E. And Medvedev is more likely to tell the truth to his wife than the Whites being a Red. D) Study Sources F, G and H. Which of these sources is most useful to an historian studying the deaths of the Tsar and his family? Source F is a piece of primary evidence, and actual photograph of the room in which the murder was claimed to have taken place. Although there is no actual proof that this photograph is taken from the same room, so caution should be taken. Source G is a painting based on an investigation by the Whites. As it is based on a formal investigation, it should be useful, however I know that the Whites main aim of the investigation was to prove that the all of the Romanov family were murdered. It could be considered a piece of propaganda set up by the Whites in order to gain support from foreign governments. It is also difficult from the painting to work out if it is only the Tsar being murdered or not. By close inspection of the painting, I have noticed that the wallpaper and the positioning of the door match that of the photograph in Source F. ...read more.


As Source J says that all of the Romanov family were murdered, while A and B say that only the Tsar was murdered. Source B claims that the Empress, the Tsar's son, and his four daughters left Ekaterinburg via train the following morning, although Source J say that DNA tests positively identified the Empress and three daughters. Source C, an extract from Sokolov's investigation, closely agrees with Source J. They both say that all of the Tsar's family was murdered that night, and both agree that the girls were killed with bayonets. Source J also confirms that Sokolov was right in saying that the corpses were carried away by truck, and they were placed in a mineshaft. Although it does not comment on the fact that the bodies were moved from the mine as it says they were completely destroyed. This is understandable though as Sokolov was unable to locate the corpses. Source F, the photograph, confirms that many people must have been murdered, as there are so many bullet holes. It must be noticed that Source J states that two of the Tsar's children were missing, and one was the heir. The fact that the son is missing agrees with the many sources saying that he was spared and transported away via train the next day. Although it is possible that his body may have been completely destroyed or buried somewhere else. Overall though, it is apparent that Source J confirms what most sources say, especially Source C of Sokolov's investigation. Duncan Knipe ...read more.

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